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5 months ago

Great in-town loop with modern facilities and plenty of parking. Park has a nice playground, too. I really enjoy the diversity of the trails, options ranging from the paved loop around the water to the more woodsy, natural terrain with incline.

Loved this trail!

7 months ago

My favorite place to run in Yreka

7 months ago

Great trail for a warm summer afternoon...LOTS of shade!

Sunday, April 03, 2016

A park anchored by the Greenhorn Reservoir, at the southern edge of Yreka with a diverse network of trails for all ages, physical fitness levels and interests (walking, running, hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing, dog-walking).

The trails around the reservoir and Greenhorn Creek (upstream) are mostly flat and often paved. The rest of the network of trails goes up and across the northern slope of the hill overlooking the reservoir. There is a good dozen of trails on the slope and, while the "main intersections" are well signed, less prominent ones are not and a map or GPS might help follow the planned route. I took a smart-phone picture of the trail map displayed at the trail head to help with navigation; it proved quite helpful (I still managed to make one wrong turn!).

The Western side of the hill is well shaded while the Eastern edge is mostly exposed. The trails themselves are well maintained and clear of roots/rocks that would require a bit more of sure footing.

There are several benches even on the higher trails; a large number of picnic areas are setup around the perimeter of the reservoir and that grassy areas next to the parking lots.

The route I chose basically follows the perimeter of the Park in a counter clock wise fashion; walking up to Humbug trail and following it from West to East before descending back down to the reservoir.

All in all, a rather pleasant "urban park" with a variety of options.

Final note: the trail-head displayed on the site as of the time of this review (April 2016) is incorrect. The trail=heads are right next to the Greenhorn reservoir (main parking lot at the Western edge of the lake, smaller one on the South-East side). Until the error is fixed, a quick browser search will quickly help you locate the reservoir and Greenhorn Park itself.

on Greenhorn Park Trail

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Great trails. Bathrooms available. With large picnic area and playground. There are several miles of trails for running.

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