2 months ago

Fantastic trail. Did this back in 2014....twice. Only negative was the recent burn area from the Angola Mountain Fire. That area can be easily bypassed though. Water at Trout Meadow from a spring box, and also at Willow spring. Continue on for an easy drop down to the Kern. Camp at Grasshopper Flat. We were trying for Kern Lakes but didn't make it.

What is the parking spot about 5 miles away from the bridge on the Little Kern? Anyone know? I have been to it twice but have forgotten.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Good trail easy hike in from Lewis trailhead nice climb out.

Well worn trail. Like walking in sand from all the horse traffic. We took a wrong trail and the 5 mile in turned into a 15 mile in!! My own fault. The way back from the little kern is all uphill!!!

Monday, July 06, 2015

Horseshoe Meadow has two major trailheads (Cottonwood Lakes and Cottonwood Pass) providing access to areas such as the Golden Trout Wilderness, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, and the John Muir Wilderness. Numerous hiking adventures are possible.
I chose to do a 23 mile loop out of Horseshoe Meadow. I parked my car at the Cottonwood Pass trailhead. The trail segments for my hike included the Cottonwood Pass Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Siberian Pass Trail, the New Army Pass Trail, and the Cottonwood Lakes Trail. Two significant passes were encountered; Cottonwood Pass (11,200 ft.) and New Army Pass (12,300 ft.). I camped at Chicken Spring Lake the first night and Soldier Lakes (the lower of the two) the second night - both excellent places with many campsite options. My water sources were Chicken Spring Lake, Soldier Lakes, and Long Lake. Permit and regulation information for this area can be found on the Inyo National Forest website. A word of caution on this trail, New Army Pass can be impassable in the early summer due to snow. The conditions of the pass are available on the Sequoia & Kings Canyon website. Also, the road to Horseshoe Meadow constantly climbs with switchbacks, so be patient and keep your eyes on the road.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

We hiked this trail in March and it was awesome. We started at the Jerky meadow parking lot for a one day hike. It was all uphill from the beginning to golden trout wilderness sign. From there we headed towards the bridge and little kern and it was all downhill. When reached the river it felt good to soak our feet in the river and to refuel on some snacks. This was my second time walking this trail and it won't be the last. I had more fun with an overnight stay than just a one day in and out hike. If you get a chance ad it to your bucket list.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Started the hike from Crescent Meadow in Sequoia and hiked out through Cottonwood campground. Great hike!!!

This was a great trail! The fishing was awesome and it is hard to beat catching one of the rarest trout in the USA, The Little Kern Golden Trout. The fish would literally jump out of the water and hit my fly! I hiked in June and it got pretty hot. Great time fishing all the streams and definitely worth the trip!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

This trail had just been maintained last year ( Summer 2011 ), I know because when I backpacked Willow Mdws I met a trail maintence crew doing some brush clearing. I would do this hike in late June til the middle of July as both Trout and Willow Mdws are real green that time of year. Also there are some really good campsites at both of the meadows.

This is a well maintained trail, very wide in some places, the good thing about this trail its mostly downhill to the river but its a long uphill climb back. This trail is also heavily used you will not be alone on this trail.