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The road was closed so we can’t get to the trail head with a car. I wish All Trails has a way to let us mark the road closure during COVID19.

Went this Saturday, access via Bunker road tunnel was closed by the police due to COVID 19 closures. Cars are not allowed.

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Is the trail back open?

Absolutely loved this hike. There is a part where you hike down to a beach and tons of just amazing views all around. Moderate hiking ability.

Simple trail, 2 hours non stop with only elevation at the beginning and end. Miwok has better views.

Great for moderate hikers, absolutely beautiful views of the bay and off of the coast. Absolutely would highly recommend! One thing is to keep an eye out for mountain bikers. Enjoy!

Good trail but closed due to COVID-19.

Gorgeous sunrise hike up to Slacker Hill with view of SF bay and ocean. Stunning!

Beautiful views

Leaving the neighborhood behind and passing through a brief stand of Eucalyptus opens up to sweeping valley views and the promise of coastal adventures to come. It's an exposed trail that could be challenging on a windy day, but the width of the main path resembles a fire road. Eventually, as you reach the cliffs overlooking the north side of the Golden Gate passage, the trail transitions to a fun single track that winds its way along the California coast.

Beautiful 360 views. Steep start through lovely sylvan woods, then open rolling hills to the summit. Much of the trail is a wide gravel road but the views make it worthwhile: GG Bridge, Marin, Angel Island, Oakland, downtown SF, etc.

Awesome views of bridge and cityscape. Definitely recommend to go during sunrise.

All in all, this was an incredible hike. Don't consider this hike if you have weak knees or anything else as it's not for the physically faint at heart. I experienced this hike on a Sunday during the Covid 19 self distancing measures put in place locally and globally. Ironically, many Bay Area residents had the same self distancing thoughts I did, so trail traffic was ironically very heavy. The only bad side to this hike was an experience with someone's vicious dog (the owner was even more aggressive!) that tried to maul me. As such, I will likely avoid areas of high dog/people traffic without some form of protection ( pepper spray or road flare will deter a dangerous dog or human)

Awesome trail. There is a weird section that goes right on a main road for about .3 miles but once you get past that and up on the ridge line it is spectacular

Big loop: up to the ridge and then down to Muir Beach along the Coastal Trail, inland along Green Gulch, up Middle Green Gulch to Coyote Ridge, then down and back to the car on Miwok. Wildflowers were just starting to bloom—another 2-3 weeks and they should be out in full.

Great ocean views! One of my favorite “go-to” locations when it’s sunny and warm.

A gorgeous representation of a hike along the coastal rocky cliffs of Marin.

We went counter clockwise. The first 3 miles were a pretty consistent up hill. Beautiful views of the bay. Not the best hike in the area, but a fantastic workout. Lots of mountain bikers but it didn’t bother us.

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Maintained trail, good views of the ocean and surrounding hills. Not the most difficult, but a good casual hike. Recommend you start from Fox Trail so you get the steep grade out of the way first and have a more scenic view on your way back.

I've done this trail twice in the last few years and both times I went clockwise. This way your view gets increasingly better are you go up in elevation. The only weird part is when you get to one of those "no tresspassing" transmission places at the top, you just have to go along the fence around the towers to continue hiking. There are quite a few trail intersections after that so be sure to read the posted signs or ensure you've honed your orienteering skills. Pause at Wolf Ridge to admire being between two watersheds and descend back into Tennessee Valley. There is a section in a switchback where you may have to scoot on your butt as it is quite steep with little traction. You end by going over a creek. Pause and admire the water, then head back to the parking lot, as you're still a mile away. This last mile is paved road.

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Tennessee Valley feels like the overlooked sibling hidden between the Muir Woods watershed and the Rodeo Beach Watershed. It is Chaparral habitat for bands of roaming coyotes and home to bobcats and deer. Many cute California Quail live here, as well as Turkey Vultures and other Birds of Prey. For decades this was home base for students in the tuition-free Bay Area summer program Aim High who camped at Haypress Camp. Students who were lucky enough got to coordinate one or two group howls at night and hear the Coyote yip back. Great hiking, but better still when you have stewarded the land and consider it a home away from home.

Get a little snack and enjoy the view!

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This is a very beautiful hike on the harder end of moderate. It's easy to park at Tennessee Valley Trailhead and hit the trails. We walked to Muir Beach end up to the Pelican Inn for lunch and then walked back to Tennessee Valley Trailhead. We were pretty exhausted by the end (due to elevation change and no shade) but the views were stunning. It took roughly 5 hours plus a 1 hour lunch break.

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