This trail has some very very steep segments on a very dusty and slippery surface (dust, dirt, rocks). It is very easy to get injured on this poorly designed trail. Don’t recommend. There are much better options in the area.

Beautiful scenic hike that will offer beautiful views, an opportunity to be in a state of complete silence, a chance to hear your echo as you yell into the mountains, and various routes to sift through as you transcend into nature's simple beauty above the city of Glendora. This is a hike. Will be back! Also, if you want a challenge, go up elevated trails. Punk out trail is about a mile in. Its an awesome challenge.

This is one of my absolute favorite trails. it's a great work out but not overbearing and offers gorgeous views!

Brutal! Definitely hard. Feel like I need to be in better shape and bring more water

This trail is rated hard I would say easy to moderate not hard .Has a lot of bike riders flying down so beware ! But overall good hike would do again.

Great quick and steep hike. Lot's of foot traffic. Hiking poles were helpful for the steep parts.