Great place to take your dogs for a trail walk. Lots to see... be aware there is a $5 parking fee.

Nice easy city trail, this is a great trail for running

It was an easy trail. You get to walk by the creek and you get to see a lot of horses. The horses were friendly too. I want to go back and spend a day there with my kids.

There is plenty of parking (I parked near dog park then ran towards the creek past the horses). Trail is mainly dirt you can do a full circumference following the fence line around the park. Running through farmland, don't spook the cows, then eventually you curve back around following main road in park only to turn left near park entrance follow trail back to creek and then back to where you started. 1/2 shady - 1/2 sunny. 4+ mile run.

Trash all along parts of the trail.. like a dump site level of trash... abandoned fridge strollers literally bags of trash thrown around.. it wouldn't have been a big deal but we paid money to go in

safe walk for littles. wasn't the family hike we were looking for but the ranch had some nice animals to watch. $5 fee

8 months ago

Your average walk around. Very sweet and quaint. Husbands back went out and it was the perfect mild walk with walking stick