This was the perfect sunset hike- it's very easy in terms of incline and length but the views are pretty cool right around dusk. The sun setting over the mountains and reflecting on the city, and even out to the ocean was beautiful. The road itself is a little rocky in parts, so my dog didn't love that on her feet but there's some smoother patches that were ok. There are many hills with ridges to climb up to get a better view of the city.

7 months ago

Saturday, December 05, 2015

I happened to be in this area, so took a chance on this trail. Yelp reviews claimed it was closed. Its very open, just not from the old trailhead. Instead park at 1399 Casiano Road 90094. Right where the road ends is the trailhead, you can walk up the fireroad, but I went right and up the hillside, this path is more interesting.
Nice enough if you are close, but not worth a special trip.
Street parking.