Such a beautiful hike. Took my beagle and friend with me. My dog was so tired after about a hour, but he loved all the different plants and smells. Definitely coming back with my pup

1 month ago

Nice little local hike if you live in the South Bay. Short in and out hike but great views of the city from the top.

horseback riding
1 month ago

Ok still hear lots of city life, and see homes, so it doesn't really feel like you are "out" in nature too much. Easy hike though....good for kids and those not in the best of shape (like me).

Very short hike, less than 2 miles

My girlfriend and I took the “Stream” trail. It was very peaceful, once we reached the end, of the trail.

Description is spot on. Easy but great view. Fun little stroll.

Easy hike with my dogs. Posted a few photos. Stream is dry. Not sure about winter and spring

Birds chirping, great smelling bushes and a hike that starts off easy and then becomes welcomingly more challenging as the trail starts to incline more and more. Also a nice view of a small portion of the cityscape behind you.

I believe the trail has also been extended further up.

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