Gaviota State Park takes its name from the Spanish word for seagull, given to the area by soldiers of the Portola Expedition who supposedly killed a seagull while camping here in 1769. Marked by a tall Southern Pacific railroad trestle that crosses Gaviota Creek high above the day-use parking lot, the park is a popular spot for swimming, picnicking, surf fishing and camping, despite high winds that often blow through the area. A pier on the west end of the beach is used by anglers, and scuba divers and surfers use a boat hoist on the pier to access the waters of the Santa Barbara Channel. Visitors can explore the rugged upland portions of the park from a trailhead in the parking area. Ambitious hikers can climb to Gaviota Peak that offers a spectacular view of the coast and the Channel Islands.

it's a hard incline trail for 3.5 miles and then it goes down the way back. we took the hot springs path up which is wider, less bushes, less thorns, and trespass trail down which is narrow with amazing views. the hot springs are over rated, kinda bullshit and it's a detour from the main trail. in a hot day, take lots of water, 2~3 liters per person because it's pretty open, no shade almost all the way.

Great hike. Incline wasnt too bad after initial hill. Went early to avoid crowds. Caves were awesome, though I was only able to get into the first cave. The caves up top have a small wall of rock that I couldnt get footing to climb up. Next time I'll wear hiking shoes with traction and it should be fine.

29 days ago

29 days ago

Beautiful hike. Good birding. A bit strenuous going uphill if you are not in great shape but very enjoyable with great views. About 1.5-2 hours

It's a great short hike.
Awesome views.
I rate it as a 5 and not a 4Star for two reasons
1. You can feel like some serious Chumash history happened.
2. It's like my backyard.
Fished those waters.
Rode those waves.
Hiked and Hunted the other side.
And it's only a 15min drive.

Great domestic flavored hike.

It was a nice hike! A little overgrown in some areas which was inconvenient at times since I'm short, but it was fun and a bit challenging.

Lots of flowers everywhere. This was great little hike with some great views. Highway noise kinda sux but besides that it was fun!

2 months ago

Visiting from Scotland I had heard there was a good viewpoint over the Pacific from Gaviota State Park and headed up from Long Beach for a look. The views were great and I did almost get bitten by a rattlesnake so be careful people. It was hard going in the heat but I did come down with a sense of accomplishment and no water left in my backpack - thirsty thirsty!