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Although shaded throughout, the sunny spots are intense. Bring lots of water.

Tough climb but totally worth it!

The hills, they rise
in a sea of green and gold
Bursts of starlight
as dandelions unfold
A crown of poppies
dance gently in the breeze
Whispering sweetly
“What a beautiful world this is!”

on Lupine Loop Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful in the spring.

We went all the way to the top! It was definitely a great workout. A lot of Incline . Best of all PET FRIENDLY

3 months ago

We took Lupine Loop - Mesa - past Mesa Pond up (when I say up...there was a lot of up) to Snively's Ridge. An awesome overlook once you reach the Ridge all the way to the ocean. Took Sky - Fern - Buckeye back down. Don't let the stairs at Buckeye throw you off its not more climbing. The Buckeye levels off pretty quickly. This will get you back to the visitors center. The gps said this loop was 7.4 miles. The miles were mostly uphill or downhill not a lot of level ground.

5 months ago

Very steep at some points but totally doable. I definitely recommend climbing the 1/4 mile or so up Snively’s ridge trail once you get to the top of the sky trail, the view from there is as good as any in the area.

5 months ago

Nice hike.

5 months ago

Fun trail.

6 months ago

Epic views from the top.

6 months ago

This trail is not moderate, it's straight up hard. Bring 1 bottle water for every 3 miles or so, large hat, good traction shoes (or sticks), and some snacks.

6 months ago

Wear shoes with good traction, and use walking sticks if you have bad knees. Two picnic tables at the peak for picnic. Just need to bring the food and drinks up. Had a wonderful lunch there.

This is my family’s go to trail. We love this hike.

7 months ago

Wow what a great hike. There were a few spots, especially right before the top, where the trails were barely managed so make sure to stay on the parts that are clear unless you like climbing over boulders and feeling like you’re lost. Bring lots of water and snacks. This trip took us almost 5 hours and we did take a few breaks. It got very chilly at the tower too. All in all a very cool hike...but man, we are absolutely exhausted.

7 months ago

A beautiful hike, I loved passing the different topologies found while doing this easy to moderate short trail. We started going to the left and uphill, we passed a beautiful trail with a lot of autumn colors and a very beautiful view from above, then walking the redwood canyon is like walking on a small piece of autumn colorful heaven all the way to a stony beautiful small river.

7 months ago

Very pleasant short hike with a changing environment. With plenty of rocks in the creek unless I'd seen the sign at the start I wouldn't have even realised there were seasonal foot bridges normally.

7 months ago

Beautiful views of the Monterey Bay once you get to the top of the ridge. And if you take the fern trail nonstop straight up the middle, you'll get a nice leg pump! It's about 3 miles from the visitor center to the top of the ridge taking that route.
When you get to the top of the Fern trail where it meets the ridge you"ll spot the sign that says Snively's ridge (with arrows pointing both ways), Take a right (west) and continue up along the top of the ridge another half mile and that's where you'll find the views of the entire Monterey bay and Carmel Valley.

On your return back down from that Vista point I recommend NOT taking a left down that same Fern Trail but instead continuing straight ahead (East,passing the sign on your left) and on past Snively's ancient Corral and stay on that trail which will take you down to the Mesa pond.
Just below the pond (200 feet) you will find three separate fresh clean water stations-for dogs, horses and people. And: then continue on down via choosing the scenic Waterfall Trail which will take you back down to the main meadow and on to the visitor center and out to the parking lot.
That's approximately a 7 mile loop and a little over 1,800 feet in elevation gain that can easily be done in four hours while including stopping for lunch, plus water breaks and photo opportunities.

Beautiful views, nice in autumn. The peak ascent is steep.

good trail.

great way to relax and challenge yourself.

definitely heed the parks advice and bring double the water you'd normally bring to the same length hike elsewhere.

really fabulous views throughout, will probably try it again in a different season. amazing wildflowers in each of the different zones the trail crosses through.

Friday, July 07, 2017

The small trail that breaks off from the ridge and leads to the watch tower is a little more challenging than some reviews suggest, at least if you go to the left at the fork. If you go right, it's much more enjoyable...trust me. Otherwise, great views make the last little bit worth it.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Diverse hike on the way up with some great view points and challenging climbs. Hiking down was a little mundane but very peaceful.

Monday, June 26, 2017

A great hike! Wide well maintained trails for the most part make it easy to keep a good pace. From the ridge to the tower, the trail narrows and gets fairly step but this is only for about .5 miles. The tower is locked to the public but the view is still excellent!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Beautiful hike with good workout on the ascent!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Epic hike but road noise knocks off the fifth star

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Got it all up here, amazing views, exhilarating climb, dog friendly, difficult section at end near tower, and plenty of interconnecting trails to extend your day! Sucks, don't go!! Lol

Didn't see much wildlife. A lot of other people hiking the trails. Several different paths to take. I tried taking the longest loop I could and recorded it.

Dog friendly

Hear the cars from every spot of the hike
No major wildlife seen
Lots of other people hiking the trail.
Also a school bus full of children hiking the bottom portion of the trail.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Absolutely beautiful set of trails that takes you up to the very top of the mountain (the ridge). Lots of oak trees covered in Spanish moss make this steep incline not only gorgeous, but it provides good cool shade to make the 2,100 foot incline better. We did most of the trail that was suggested including the down-and-back on the actual Snivley's Ridge Trail. All in all we got just over 12 miles down and enjoyed every bit of it! So many wildflowers and green growth in the area and beautiful views of Pebble Beach and Carmel Valley as well as Moss Landing can be seen from most view points.

Bring lots of water, take your trash with you, and keep the trail clean for more hikers and adventurers who will follow.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Garland Ranch is a beautiful place to go hiking. There's plenty of parking. There are many options for trails to hike and the rain this season has resulted in so many wildflowers. Very dog friendly and they even have dog water fountains. My dogs brought home a few ticks so be on the lookout for them. The majority of trails have shade so even on a hot day the trails should still be enjoyable.

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