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This is my family’s go to trail. We love this hike.

7 days ago

on Pinyon Peak Loop

8 days ago

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10 days ago

Wow what a great hike. There were a few spots, especially right before the top, where the trails were barely managed so make sure to stay on the parts that are clear unless you like climbing over boulders and feeling like you’re lost. Bring lots of water and snacks. This trip took us almost 5 hours and we did take a few breaks. It got very chilly at the tower too. All in all a very cool hike...but man, we are absolutely exhausted.

A beautiful hike, I loved passing the different topologies found while doing this easy to moderate short trail. We started going to the left and uphill, we passed a beautiful trail with a lot of autumn colors and a very beautiful view from above, then walking the redwood canyon is like walking on a small piece of autumn colorful heaven all the way to a stony beautiful small river.

15 days ago

17 days ago

Very pleasant short hike with a changing environment. With plenty of rocks in the creek unless I'd seen the sign at the start I wouldn't have even realised there were seasonal foot bridges normally.

24 days ago

Beautiful views of the Monterey Bay once you get to the top of the ridge. And if you take the fern trail nonstop straight up the middle, you'll get a nice leg pump! It's about 3 miles from the visitor center to the top of the ridge taking that route.
When you get to the top of the Fern trail where it meets the ridge you"ll spot the sign that says Snively's ridge (with arrows pointing both ways), Take a right (west) and continue up along the top of the ridge another half mile and that's where you'll find the views of the entire Monterey bay and Carmel Valley.

On your return back down from that Vista point I recommend NOT taking a left down that same Fern Trail but instead continuing straight ahead (East,passing the sign on your left) and on past Snively's ancient Corral and stay on that trail which will take you down to the Mesa pond.
Just below the pond (200 feet) you will find three separate fresh clean water stations-for dogs, horses and people. And: then continue on down via choosing the scenic Waterfall Trail which will take you back down to the main meadow and on to the visitor center and out to the parking lot.
That's approximately a 7 mile loop and a little over 1,800 feet in elevation gain that can easily be done in four hours while including stopping for lunch, plus water breaks and photo opportunities.

Beautiful views, nice in autumn. The peak ascent is steep.

good trail.