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We went at Sunset, it was really beautiful :D If it has been raining, you will get very muddy! : )

16 days ago

Beautiful hike, listed as 3.9 miles but my GPS put it at 3.0

30 days ago

Nice hike. Some part of the trail were very muddy. We had to find an alternative route to get around the mud. It was hard to follow the trail because there were mud slides and fallen trees. Lastly, be prepared to cross the freezing water creek.

Excellent hiking cros mountain and river

1 month ago

1 month ago

hiking, end of January so it was muddy.
the scenery was very relaxing and beautiful with green hills, cows, horses, then a panorama of the Bay Area cities.

Would likely recommend water resistant boots

2 months ago

Great view . Beware of lizards. Nice soft trail . Enjoy

Excelente recorrido

3 months ago

A nice trail high up in the Hayward hills with some history. You start by hiking a half mile up a paved path that resembles someone's driveway. Then you will see a sign for the Ukrainia Loop Trail pointing to the right. The path to the left is private property. A little bit further you will pass a park residence and then the trail will split into the loop part of the trail. The marker says "Ukraina Trail" as there appears to be some discrepancy as to whether or not to include the "i" or not. At the far end of the loop you will see a historical site. See the pictures for some more information. There is a bench to sit down and enjoy the view of the east bay.

I went on a Wednesday afternoon and only saw one other person walking their dog throughout the entire hike. The trail entrance says Garin Regional Park but I don't think it connects to any of the other Garin trails. I think the advertised 3.9 miles is exaggerated as my gps only measured 3.0 miles.