This park features expansive views of Monterey Bay, from its hiking trails in the grasslands of the higher peaks of the Gavilan Range. Other views include the San Benito Valley, Salinas Valley, and the Santa Lucia Mountains east of Big Sur. Pine and oak woodlands in the park are home to many birds and mammals. There are camping and picnic facilities in the park. The park also features an astronomical observatory with a 30-inch telescope, which is open for public programs on selected evenings. Open year round Day use hours 8:00am to one-half hour after Sunset.

I like Fremont peak a lot, though I am not a particular fan of the Fremont peak hike. I like doing Carmen’s trail and connecting that to cold springs trail then valley view. It’s a nice small park and is absolutely gorgeous in the spring time
With all the wildflowers. Really beautiful drive or bike up as well!

2 months ago

The ranger here is an absolute ass, and stopped us before we went in to give us a long list of rules. The trails are apparently NOT dog friendly, which thinking it was so friendly is the whole reason we picked this park. When we thought he was done talking, he actually stopped us and said "I'm not done yet keep listening". Total dick, ruined our time here. Would not recommend this park.

6 months ago

Crap. Skip this place. Poorly maintained trails, hikes that are so short you can't really call them hikes. Poison oak everywhere.

Very nice views once you are at the top. I hiked Valley view trail and it's a very narrow trail with tall grass and weeds. Some parts the trail is hard to spot so map on your pho e is handy. You don't have to hike this trail to get to the vista points.

Not difficult at all. It was fairly easy to me. Only gets a bit difficult once you have to climb the rocks to get to the peak stand. Be extremely careful. Overall its a nice trail for a beautiful scenery.

Great View from peak can see coast real good from high altitude and see the moss landing electrical plant towers as well view is a thrill..

very dependent place. We were there today 1/1/2017 (yes, new year's date). It was 38 degree, super super windy with mist. For some, it wouldn't be fun but we liked it. We felt like walking in clouds and with strong misty wind, our minds were blown. It should be a great trail on sunny day as well. Go!

A georgeous little loop that's absolutely worth the drive (which is beautiful in itself).

This trail is awful. The flies in this park are relentless (no amount of bug repellent helped quell the hordes of them incessantly following us EVERYWHERE) and the park staff does a terrible job of trail upkeep. Virtually no path to follow, overgrowth, and not many trail heads to be found.

Saturday, June 04, 2016