2 days ago

The trail itself is very good but there are a few issues: 1. Parking is very scarce, just about a dozen cars and a very tight space. 2. Given the pandemic, the city has attempted to do the right thing by designating this as a 1 way hike path. But there is no one to enforce it and you always find people walking the opposite way. 3. Again , given the pandemic, one expects people to wear Maske , but no one wears them and they don’t seem to care . Wry shameful .

Awesome trail!

off trail
5 days ago

Scenic and quiet trail. Not too long, not with too much elevation. Was able to do 2x loop today.

amazing place to go trial running and hiking. it was cloudy but most of the path is exposed. could see many deer and lots of birds. due to social distancing the trials are made one way which is good.

Really nice steady incline up to nice views of the mountains. Great hike for dogs!

Too many bikes.

Beautiful trail, good mix of shade, trees/creek, and more exposed hills. It is very popular, and there is a sign at the trailhead that asks people not to enter the park if the parking lot is full in order to help keep the park open. It's easy to miss if you have already parked on the street below, so please be mindful and help keep our open spaces open!

on Parker Ranch Trail

24 days ago

Big uphill section a with some stairs towards the start of the trail once you cross Farr Ranch rd. Once at the top of that hill, the trail to the right is blocked off by Parker Ranch HOA for environmental rehabilitation. Instead, you'll need to walk on the street Vista Arroyo Ct- no sidewalks, but there's enough of a curb to stay safe (not many cars anyway).

like this a lot. amazing butterflies, lots of birds, lizards, and even a gopher snake

My go to trail. A lot of it is shaded but it’s really green and you get some nice views. After this ends I take it up to hunters point for the best view and some stretching!

1 month ago

Nice trail routes. Hikers with dogs - watch-out for Foxtails!

Nice spacious park with lookouts and views of the Bay. Trails are a mix of flat and hills. Mostly sun exposed with some shade. Many trails are wide enough for distancing and others are one way. Parking lot only accommodates about 20 cars, however, so probably hard to find parking on weekends

It's not too exciting or anything. The views of the city are nice. There are a lot of lizards and a nice mixture of shaded and opened areas. I'd say it is great for an easy hike or job or bike. Definitely a good trail to bring children on too as it is not steep and the trail is wide.

Went around 11am on Sun, luckily there were a couple parking spots in the little lot by trailhead, was only busy in the initial trail area which was more narrow but then opened up, I liked how they had trails clearly marked going one way and there was usually plenty of space in the busier areas for social distancing, gorgeous day nice views with mix of sun and shade

we hiked here during covid. nature trail are marked one way to limit contact. beautiful views.

Enjoyed trail, some parts shared with mountain bikers. Thumbs up!!!

Most of it had wide paths which was nice for social distancing. There was a moderate climb towards the end, and a nice view. The main drawback is that given the number of miles and variety of trails here, the parking lot is tiny and usually full. People park illegally which makes it difficult for you to get out sometime (they park behind you, not giving sufficient clearance). There are also numerous large horse droppings along this path, which also attracts many flies. I wish the park would make it a requirement for equestrians to pick up after their horses.

2 months ago

OK view to me. Parking is easier to find after 4pm

2 months ago

Short loop with a mild climb for nice views.

2 months ago

Free parking outside a golf course. Walk up a sleep slope. Great view.

Amazing views. Deer and hares spotted, as well as horseshoe prints in the muddy ground. Will be back.

Greasy path to Maisie’s Peak. Then taking Parker trail back to find trailhead.

2 months ago

Parking is very small and it is hard to find a spot. You should wait or park by the road, but watch out and don’t park by the sign ‘no parking’. I’ve done trail counter clock wise and I like it that way. It was more uphill than downhill and 360 view at the top. Trail was full of wild flowers this time of the year. I saw bunnies, deers and a ground hog along the trail.

Beautiful views. A lot of uphill for a good cardio. Dog friendly.

Nice hike with some pretty views, but too urban for my taste. Encountered several mountain bikers on a weekday afternoon. Not too strenuous despite the 800’ elevation gain.

Easy hike with mixed of shade and sun. Lots of bikers on this path so watch out. Also the prospect road parking has limited space even on a weekday morning so you may have to park near the Saratoga country club.

This was a great trail with beautiful views! The only downside was that there was no parking when we got there, so we had to park down the street. Get there early on weekends!

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