I have done this hike regularly for the last twelve years, as it's close to my house and dogs are allowed on the trails. It's a great hike with beautiful views and just the right amount of hills to be a workout. I prefer the Creekside Trail route at the beginning and end though.The only downsides are:
1) The treeless section as you climb the hill can be deathly hot in summer.
2) This same section can be deeply muddy and rutted from bikers after a rain.
3) Seven Springs Trail is narrow in sections and can get very busy on weekends, especially with bikers.

This was a great hike! Beautiful scenery, and it was a pretty quiet trail, although there were a few others. The trail was pretty muddy in areas, due to the recent rain.

Beautiful trail with some amazing views! The trail is pretty narrow so be aware of bikers racing around the corners.. Other than that 5/5

3 months ago

Had a good Sunday morning hike.