5 days ago

This place was beautiful, even though when you get there they have a bomb of trials and some don’t even continue it was beautiful. Very simple for beginners the views of the pond are beautiful, fun to be adventurous and seeing what you find. Once you hit the main trail it’s a good work out.

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11 days ago

Havent done the whole trail, although the part I did, seemed fairly easy.

I love the pond which includes koi, fish and geese!

A nice place to take a lesson experienced friend or family member :)

18 days ago

great views! I took my dog with me and we had a great time

I liked this hike cuz it was easy :)

1 month ago

Great hike! Loved the different trail options and the view of the water.

Super amazing hike for the little ones.. talk about exploration and not having to worry about them falling off an edge.. this hike was meant for the little ones with it being 95% flat grounds, having a cool climbing tree by the lake full of koi fish and turtles; accompanied by some ducks and a slightly larger lake with cool swamp growth to look at. Oh not to mention your surrounded by the lush green hills in my favorite place in la.
Fun fact: the Andy Griffith show was filmed here ;)

Nice view with a simple pathway or a few side trails for the little adventurer in you. Nothing too crazy, good for a nice stroll. Overall a nice spot.

Easy nice route, nothing special...

5 months ago

Great hike about an hour total.

Great spot to go for a mellow morning/afternoon adventure. There isn't much in terms of elevation, but if you have plans or just want a quick spot to go, this is it! The parking is free and the terrain is very pleasant. There's even a visitor's center!

*Breathtaking view of the lake is rewarding!

Very beautiful place! Easy hike and a lot of beautiful views.

nature trips
6 months ago

This recreation area was chosen by legendary photographer Evan Klein to host the famous Highway Earth car show every summer and is an amazing combination of beautiful automobiles and gorgeous nature vistas.

I like the place, very near to where I stay nice place to spend time with nature

trail running
7 months ago

Accidentally found this trail while heading back to my car after Hastain Trail.

7 months ago

Never go here! There’s a stupid photo enforced stop sign at the turn to the parking lot. We slightly rolled through the stop sign and were sent a $100 ticket! We will never be returning. Most expensive hike I have ever taken. All for rolling slightly through a stop sign in a traffic-less area. GARBAGE! Screw you MOUNTAINS RECREATION AND CONSERVATION AUTHORITY! Not a legitimate way to steal money from your patrons. never again!

7 months ago

Do you like parking lots? Walking on paved roads? Pond insects? And unclearly labeled trails intermixed with traffic? This is the hike for you! Easy warmup trail lots of families definitely meh

If this is the same trail I hiked, I wouldn't call it easy. Probably more moderate since about 80% is an incline. We did the night hike for the equinox. It was really interesting - there are no lights so unless you have a flashlight, it's dicey! I doubt I'd do this trail during the day since there is no shade, but the view of the city at night is beautiful- especially without the noise of the city. Sadly we couldn't see the reservoir at night.

It was a little confusing, and there were very steep steps and drop-off points that lead to another trails. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who has bad knees, or any other joint issue.

Gorgeous place to hike with dogs.

good hike

Great for kids

Upon getting there my wife, the dogs, and myself got lost trying to find the lake. We thought it was a trail but then a nice man told us take the road. It was a pleasant experience for our first hike back. Absolutely loved the turtles in the pond. There was one who kept trying to get closer to my dog.

I got a little lost getting there. I was lucky to find a nice lady who gave me exact directions to the trail! I loved the duck/geese/turtle/ fish pond!

It's okay, not very friendly people who walk these trails.

Not a particularly well marked trail

11 months ago

Full sun, no shade and the trail abruptly ends

trail running
11 months ago

It's lightly populated almost anytime during the week, other than the cars Wazing through in the evening. The turtle and duck ponds are priceless. It's a half mile hike around big lake, and there are some other trails around it. It's small, but I can get lost in here for hours, leaving the crazy city life just outside the gates. As soon as you enter, it's a whole other world.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Loved the water reservoir.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


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