Nothing exciting, but the SF skyline

Beautiful Saturday afternoon... 3.7 mile to and fro ...

Great sunny day.... fun walking across.

3 months ago

Gorgeous day, less windy than we expected. Loved that cyclists were separated from the walkers. Highly recommended!

3 months ago

Absolutely stunning view!

One of those walks you have to check off your list. Pretty busy all year round, but easy and fun

One of my favorite places on earth. I've only walked it once with a close friend. On the same day we took the ferry out and hiked a couple of hikes on Angel Island. I was born at Letterman and something draws me to the area. I enjoyed many days being at the helm of my boat looking up at the beautiful Golden Gate on my way out to the open sea...

trail running
8 months ago

Great and very memorable walk. Do not miss when in SF! Be prepared for high winds.