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1 day ago

Not a difficult hike, just too expose to the sun, pretty views. I think it would be way better mtn biking.

A lot of hill. Kinda hard. Super pretty. We actually cut it short by two miles because none of us wanted to walk up the last steep hill about halfway through the hike. Ran into what I think was a bobcat. Only saw half of it before it ran into the bushes. About the size of a medium sized dog.

no shade
washed out
12 days ago

The views are phenomenal and the elevation gain is challenging. You’re on paved roads for a portion of the loop, but it’s minimal—maybe three miles total? I ran this alone and encountered only mountain bikers, insofar as humans are concerned—keep an eye out for snakes on the trail and coyotes venturing out to do their business on the road.

Not easy or really kid-friendly (young children).

Great trail for running. nice shade spots and beautiful meadows.

I really liked this trail a lot. Lots of options along the way to explore. We did see a snake so keep your eyes out for those. Really good for jogging or mountain biking. One of the few trails that allow dogs as well! And they provide poop bags I believe.

1 month ago

This trail is open? Meg William

No I didn’t follow the trail map. The trail gave me a general idea of where I wanted to Hike today. Hiking alone presents dangers when few hikers are on the trail during these pandemic conditions. I will hike to the second lake when I have someone to hike with. Beautiful trail.

Wow this was the most stunning hike if you like wildflowers. Right now there are purple flowers everywhere. Truly beautiful. Also saw two coyotes out which was nice. Lots of bunnies too. Overall this is a great park and would definitely come back and hike again. It wasn’t too strenuous. Parts of the trails were very small which made it hard when mountain bikes would come down the hill fast. Just have to be aware of your surroundings

Kid friendly!

no shade
3 months ago

Important! The directions from AllTrails brings you to the wrong place. be sure to enter Fort Ord off of Portola, trail is still easy to find from there. Great hike, agree with the moderate rating. Gets steep about halfway through and not much shade but starting in the early morning helps! Beautiful views, and saw some rabbits, quails, vultures and goats!

Loved this hike got out of work on Saturday and wanted to get out of the house. Pictures do not do this place justice. The hills were so green the top of the hills you could feel the ocean breeze. I had moments were there was no one around and I felt extremely close to that meditative state of mind it was great and exactly what I needed.

Good trial

Nice rolling hills Saw flock of goats w their cattle dogs on the way: awesome ! They allow them to graze to keep pasture low in order to prevent wildfires. Also pass beside race track: noisy and surprising ! All in all: very beautiful hike The herd path reminded me of the farm where i grew up

Good trail but I was by myself and saw a adult mountain lion that was just watching me and hid down into the grass so I turned around. I was scared because I’m small and didn’t want to get attacked, next time ill make sure Im not alone and bring a stick. Im lorenzo’s wife

7 months ago

Nice trail for quick workout

This trail is a great hiking trail just be watchful of bicycles. They'll pop up at every corner. the trails are well marked and easy to follow. Brought my dog he loved it. some parts are steep and slippery even when dry so have some good shoes. some views were really fantastic and some trails very tight. I am definitly going to hike it again.

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