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Easy trail for kids (ours are 9,6,5) Fun trail, good lake views. Lower trail is under water or otherwise washed out so don’t take it unless you want to have to turn around 3/4 mi. in, or bushwhack back up to the upper trail, which we did.

1 day ago

Ok trail but the bikers are some of the worst around. I think the trail instructions have a lot to do with it. The bikers dont even bother reading that it says for hikers, walkers to stay on the left. The bikers dont announce themselves when passing and flat out ignore the yield to pedestrian signs. Definitely not a trail to take the kids on.

I love hiking this trail! we always see lots of mountain bikers who are the most polite trail companions. I think this trail has lots of hills and it's Rocky, but I like it, never boring.

7 days ago

Very beautiful. Many wildflowers and lots of greenery and lovely oak groves. The path starts out wide and then narrows. Be cautious for ticks and poison oak - the grasses are tall and it'd be hard to keep a dog away from them. There is some easy creek crossing over rocks and lots of shade up until you get to the south side (after the gate).

After the gate the trail changes dramatically. At the gate I went right towards skunk hollow which had a couple of nice views. Next time I go early I'll try going left towards Cronan Ranch (it was too hot by noon to be out in the full sun).

We exited on Horseshoe Ridge and continued down until the road ended and the trail began.

It was a really pleasant partial shade/partial sun lake walk and foliage walk through the hills.

We saw plenty of Miner's Lettuce and Turkey Tail on our walk more inland. Definitely a gradient scale with elevation.

I can't wait to come back :)!

13 days ago

Wife and I went for a little hike to take some photographs. Nice little area with a lot of different flowers and butterflies. Good numbers of hikers, runners, and bikers, but everyone was very pleasant and the bikers were always very polite about giving us a heads up.

Not too scenic but has trees and nice shading throughout.

trail running
15 days ago

Lots of hills and great scenery. Loved it! Cant wait for the artwork.

Bring sunscreen. Very sunny hike with not much shade at the beginning. My family and I walked for about a mile and half. Relatively easy. Fairly rocky. The view of the American river turning into the lake was quite pretty. The path is narrow, not wide enough for people to walk side by side. But we enjoyed our time overall!

mountain biking
15 days ago

very rocky. otherwise perfect

Nice and easy trail to pond. And easy access to the lake. Check your dogs for ticks, my dogs were covered with them yet they never left the trail. Poison Oak is pretty rampant as well.

24 days ago

The trail isn't finished yet, so the all trails map is inaccurate. The all trails map is showing two trails connected, the Jedediah Smith trail and Johnny Cash trail. It added another mile and a half to our hike. Not sure if they going to eventually combine the two. The actual Johnny Cash Trail starts in downtown folsom and goes out to folsom dam and back, which is only 3 miles. All in all it was a beautiful walk minus the biker riders.

It was an okay hike. I wouldn't consider it moderate. Probably wouldn't do it again.

The most obvious entry to the trail at the boat ramp parking is steep, washed out, and is hard to use. Another entry prior to boat ramp parking, at the horse staging area, will bypass the washout. Trail after that is mostly level and an easy, shady hike with picnic tables and wildflowers. Families and horses share. Horsemen were courteous when we stepped aside. Dogs primarily not on leash tho they were friendly. Pleasant hiking.

29 days ago

Its one of my favorite hikes especially the views when you make it to the top.

So, two parts to this. Great, absolutely AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL Hike for seasoned hikers and fit persons. Not a hike for children, and your dog WILL get covered in ticks. A wonderful part of God’s Creation, but not for the faint of heart or light of feet.
It’s 14 miles round trip, and I had a 7, 14, and 16 year old with me. Oh, and this was their fist hike. Please know, you’ve been warned.

Beautiful hike on springtime, great shade along the way, my 11 years old boy went the whole way, my 8 years old daughter stopped with mom half way to enjoy the water and take some flowers photos.

1 month ago

Not much artwork was up when we did this trail. Great for bicycles but on the boring side for hikers. I think once the new trees that they planted grow taller - and when more artwork is added then it could be a better hiking experience.

Looking to do it again in five years - but not going back before then.

Path is paved and level. However, much of this walk is too close to the streets with many cars driving by, so it was loud and not peaceful. Not a repeat for us.

Didn’t make it the whole 13.3 miles but made it 5.5 miles to the creek crossing the trail. It just rained so it was moving pretty good and I didn’t want to get my feet wet so turned around there for a total round trip of 11 miles. Lots of different terrain and views along the way. It was well worth it.

You need to pay 12$ per parking. Regular trail. Nothing special.

Scenic easy hike, well shaded with bits of wildlife here and there. Will be back.

1 month ago

Love the 6.3 miles of this, but glad we started out along the main roads first. Very hard to talk with the cars going by, but the lake and dam are neat to see. Last legs of the hike are much prettier. As always, bikers are not very courteous and act like us walkers/hikers are invading their private trails. Ignore them. Glad we had a camelback with us for water, but this hike isn’t too difficult, just a little longer (which I loved!). No Art installed yet, but looking forward to that in the future.

easy, relatively flat hike along the edge of Folsom lake. Beautiful views of the lake. Best time is in the morning while the sun is still east. There are A few beaches along the trail where you can stop and relax and take a swim too.

on Johnny Cash Trail

2 months ago

So first of all... this art trail isn’t complete just yet, so if you want to check out the fully paved trail and see some of the finished installations then check it out but I will be returning once it’s fully done! ALSO very important to note that the location All Trails sends you to is actually the Folsom city hall building/ parking lot. The actual entrance to the trail is by the Dan Russel Rodeo Arena, where you can easily park. This trail is a loop so there are various other locations where you could begin the trail but there is plenty of parking if you just google map it to the rodeo arena instead. This is a 6.3 mile trail that is VERY bike, stroller friendly and pet friendly. The loop does go around Folsom prison for part of it ... but again if you’re a Johnny Cash fan you’ll understand why that is and why that’s actually pretty cool! Overall a pretty cool trail and we can’t wait for it to finally be finished because it’s pretty darn cool to see them commemorate Johnny cash how they’ve done so far and to see everything else they’re planning on installing!

on Folsom Trail

2 months ago

Great afternoon walk. We went on a Friday afternoon and while we did see a good number of people biking/ running/ walking, it was by no means busy or crowded.

The pros: There is free parking at the Sterling Point Equestrian Staging Area, however the gate closes at 7pm. I saw at least 2 picnic areas with tables along the trail.

The cons: the trail is steep going down from the parking area. It is also very narrow, so not suitable for running. Also, it’s a horse trail so there is lots of horse poop to watch out for as you walk. The trail is confusing at multiple points where it splits. Also it’s confusing because it is not marked on google maps like the state park trail. I didn’t hike the whole trial, once I was near the bottom, I cut across to the state park trail and the beach area. Coming back was confusing since I had to walk through brush to get back on the horse trail.

on Lake Natoma Trail

mountain biking
2 months ago

Really great trail! Lots of bikers when I was out. There was a closure that stopped me from doing the full loop but other than that this was a really nice trail.

This is a long hike but it is very beautiful. Lots of black oak trees through the rolling hills.

Liked this hike. Did it with Travis. Skinny trail and lots of bikers but relatively flat and good views of the lake. In the sun.

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