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Located at the base of the Sierra foothills, about 25 miles east of Sacramento, the lake and recreation area offers opportunities for hiking, biking, running, camping, picnicking, horseback riding, water-skiing and boating. Fishing offers trout, catfish, big and small mouth bass or perch. Visitors can also see the Folsom Powerhouse (once called "the greatest operative electrical plant on the American continent"), which from 1885 to 1952 produced 11,000 volts of electricity for Sacramento residents. For cyclists, there is a 32-mile long bicycle path that connects Folsom Lake with many Sacramento County parks before reaching Old Sacramento. The park also includes Lake Natoma, downstream from Folsom Lake, which is popular for crew races, sailing, kayaking and other aquatic sports. Summers at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area are generally hot and dry. Dress lightly for high temperatures. Winters can be very cold with lengthy periods of central valley fog conditions. Dress in layers as the damp can bring on a penetrating chill. Spring and fall offer warm days and cooler evenings and nights. The Day Use Annual Pass is accepted at this park.

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on Pioneer Express Trail

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Had to pay to get park! $12

Pretty hike ❤️

Great hike with two 7 year olds. Pond full of turtles. Great place to picnic.

Holy roasted ticks Batman!!! The lower trail is not just muddy, a lot of it has been blocked by fallen trees, landslides, etc. we had to eventually climb up the face of hills, because we ran out of trail to hike. when we finally got home, our dog had 8 ticks. she does have flea and tick treatment. if you plan on going on this hike, do not bring your pets, and stay on the main trail. it may be a lot of incline, but it is much safer, especially for inexperienced hikers.

Great trail for a run but definitely not a good one to bring a dog to. We had to turn back half way to the pond due to all of the ticks. Would try it again to see the pond but definitely without our dog.

I really enjoyed this trial! It was clearly marked with ribbons and white arrows on the ground and had markers that would tell you what mile you are on. There's never a dull moment on this trial as there are plenty of birds chirping, running streams to hop over and the trial has slight inclines at times. I wouldn't recommend any beginner mountain bikers on this trail. There is so many branches and rocks on this trail that can be dangerous.

Great beginners trail. Good if you have little ones. Nice section to walk across rocks for a nice picture