1 month ago

Make sure you wear pants and long sleeves! very overgrown and I made the mistake of wearing shorts. plus I hiked with my 3 year old in his carrier and still had to tell him to cover his face from the branches they were so big. steep incline in the beginning and very rocky so be careful. when you get to a plateau you'll see rocks to the right directing you to go down to the left. small path since part was washed out. met some ladies on the trail they told me there was a barbed wire fence but to walk a couple steps past to get around it they put cairns up to mark. you'll go thru a field and start going up and fairly steep but really sandy trail. at the top you'll see the cross and you can stop here or like we did keep going! right after the cross begins the ascent to the peak. it gets really overgrown here. a couple of cairns to guide you but the trail is pretty easy to see more so for the way down. at the top there is a marker and you can see a metal rod sticking out of some rocks. cool views. can still see the surrounding neighborhood. our favorite part was all the different beautiful butterflies at the peak and a geo cache jar. ps talked to a really nice ranger there and he actually warned me part of the trail is state managed land so technically were not supposed to hike on it so keep that in mind when you go fair warning