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I suggested this trail be changed to moderate. The climb up the ridge trail from 5 canyons pkwy up past the water towers is steep. I also noticed that the park district recently updated the Bay Area Ridge Trail markers.

This little loop is pretty meh. It's basically a dirt / gravel fire trail nestled within the ticky tack Five Canyons housing development. If you venture further out it gets more interesting. I went early on a Saturday morning and nobody was there except for a coyote. He looked well fed, so I wasn't too concerned.

Went from Five canyons to Stonebrae community and arranged a ride back to our car. This is a nice, very low traffic trail, The bottom of the canyon in the shaded areas has a good nature feeling. Be aware of the cows though, one attacked my wife, it was terrifying and I'm thankful she's okay. The hike took longer than expected since we had to go around the pathways, on the outskirts to avoid the cattle that we are now traumatized by.

This trail is pretty nice you walk inside the forest for a bit and end up alongside the rolling hills in Hayward. I was a bit surprised because I saw someone also beginning of the trail and was accompanied along and introduced another way that makes it a 2.2 mile hike. Pretty easy on the lungs and would enjoy doing again!!

3 months ago

on Five Canyons to Stonebrae

5 months ago