The park is open one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.

Nostalgic hike for me... Over 40 years ago I used to fish on a wooden dock by the bridge in the photos and all over the island on the backside. Now it's signed and you can't go there. The walk on the levee wasn't much but the memories from the past were great...

Simple, pavement and rocky dirty by the water. Dog friendly

This was a great Sunday afternoon walk. Wide open blue sky and great fields with the delta right there next to the path. My only concern was the “No Trespassing, no fishing, no biking Federal Reclamation Area” sign that was posted at the end of the trail we just came off of. Hmmmmm

mountain biking
8 months ago

Awesome ride close to the park. Go too far on either side though and it gets a little dirty. Will be coming again

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This is a simple and easy levee trail that goes out to Paradise Point Marina and back. It is easy, no elevation changes and offers a nice Delta view for most of the way.

Thursday, July 19, 2012