18 days ago

Very easy.and beautiful. Nice breeze most of the time to keep you cool. Birds, rabbits, reservoir and of course coyotes. Nice and relaxing place to enjoy a walk or run.

Road my bike! It was nice so many trails
There are bathrooms and water on the trail

Several paths to choose with different elevations. You can choose flat, gradual increase, steep, or even stairs. I brought my dog, kept her on the leash, had no problems. I plan to come back often because you can create various configurations for your path each time, making it as difficult or easy as you like.

trail running
3 months ago

I use to come here at dusk all the time in high school and now the area has definitely gotten more green and lush.

Though there isn't a decent view of anything in the dead of night it's one of the safer locations to trot through in the darkness so long as you don't run into some cracked out hooligan.

Good for a warm summer night. Easy to walk through and fun to experience the nightly noises of the park. There's a lot of diverging trails that branch out, but they all typically walk you back to the same place. Get lost and have fun! Just be prepared to swat moths and brush webs out of the way.

mountain biking
5 months ago