could not get in, you have to make reservations

The start of the trail isn’t easy to find. It’s through a fence opening on right before you head up the private drive.

Really nice hike with the dogs. After steep start the hike around the O’Neill property had some great views and colors in the Fall.

Liked the short hike very much, especially visiting the Eugene O'Neill National Monument, that was special and made this short hike. But you can continue further on two trails, which we did do, to make the hike longer.

Extremely muddy!

Lots of mud after all of the rain! Wear shoes with good traction, I fell once when turning around on a relatively steep incline. Other than becoming very muddy, all was well from then on. Eugene O'Neill house was awesome! I returned via the streets due to the mud on the trail. Will do again, beautiful views!

Great everyday hike, several trails turn off from here so you can vary the length of your hike. Dog friendly on leash. It was muddy due to recent weather, but we did fine with good hiking boots. Beautiful views, only saw one other group. Some steep hills in places. Would definitely do it again.

Nice view of Diablo all the way. I took a longer rout, which took me almost 3 hours.

I agree this trail is not for beginners it's moderate to the steep incline is steady at least the .83 mile of it I got through. Definitely worth if you love views and a nice combo of shade and sun. It's not a maintained trail so returning can be challenging. I'm looking forward to getting to the summit will be going back.

Actually for my opinion this trail is more than moderate because when you go up, the slopes are long and very steep. It is a very good trail with view of Mount Diablo, as well as many tiny wild flowers thanks to this spring's rain. I took quite a few photos.

Great for a weekend hike.

I really enjoyed this hike. The GPS directions take you right to the trail head, although it's still hard to find. There's no parking lot, you need to go downhill about 50 feet to park on the street. The tiny entrance is across the street from where the GPS leads you. It's pretty much straight up hill, with views on both sides when you reach the summit. I went 1.9 miles uphill before turning back around (I followed the Amigo/Summit trail). There were other trails that branched off, I'm looking forward to going back and exploring them.

A nice trail that varies between steep uphill climbs and traversing the rolling pastures. My only complaint was that the trailhead itself was difficult to find as it's not marked from the road. Went up del amigo trail and looped back trough the pasture for about and hour long hike with my chihuahua who kept stopping. Quick, Fun hike with enough challenge to get your heart pumping.

Probably my favorite under-an-hour hike in the Danville/Walnut Creek area. Start from Starview Rd. and wind your way up through a scene straight out of the Hunger Games. At times the incline is extremely steep. But things flatten out as a wide open pasture with breathtaking views of Mt. Diablo emerges. Cut across - don't worry, the cows are friendly - and explore the beautiful Tao House grounds before turning back and jamming down the mountain.

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