Had a great time! Made a quick edit of the hike.

This trail is beautiful. Last year the waterfalls were running strong. There are a lot of options on this trail to hike at different levels. We enjoyed it very much

Needed very map directions for second waterfall .

Good trail but seeing where the second waterfall is. Any advice ?

rock climbing
20 days ago

Once we got the the end of the trail, people seemed disappointed all the water was dried up and turned around. A friend and decided to keep going and you can go way back up behind the waterfall. Just be careful there are some nasty spills if you have to question it don’t do it.

22 days ago

Too many people not enough parking. Park on PHC. Seriously, so many people on this hike! You hike through a neighborhood before you get to the trailhead. The people driving in the neighborhood seem to resent the hikers (they drive fast and honk horns). When we get on the trail there is a bunch of horse droppings, like a lot. we got to the first falls but the only water that was there was stagnant and stinky. We climbed up a very sketchy trail that was falling apart with each step. Very loose dirt. BE CAREFUL! The second fall had a little more water but still nothing to write home about. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this hike to anyone. Head to Angeles National Forest.

Cool hike, interest little waterfall. We had a great time.

This was my 2nd time doing this hike in hopes that after the heavy rain there would be more of a waterfall but it was the same. Just a trickle. I also learned that there was a bigger waterfall if I continued to climb up. So I proceeded to climb. It was no easy task because there’s no trail. You are climbing up rocks and holding on to tree limbs. Every so often there were ropes to hold on to which was helpful especially when coming down. Unfortunately, the promise of a bigger waterfall was squashed because there was none. Very disappointing but I will say it was beautiful none the less. I’m glad I did it. The climb down was a bit tricky because it was slippery. The hike itself is very doable and it’s nice. Anyone can do it. Great to take the kids. I would do it again.

Nice hike, especially after a rain as the creek is flowing though the trail is a little slippery. First 7/10 of a mile is through a neighborhood and some nice ocean views.

This hike is ok. Waterfall is almost non-existent. If you like graffiti and douchebags getting drunk, this place is for you. It is easy for kids though.

2 months ago

Great, light hike for beginners. Had a great time out there.

Make sure you climb up to the 2nd waterfall! Take the path just to the right of the lower falls. It's treacherous, but totally worth it!

Not one of the better hikes in Malibu. There’s rarely any water coming over the waterfall. Half the hike is on pavement to get from the parking lot to the beginning of the trail. The trails aren’t well marked. Solstice Canyon is much nicer. Or Zuma.

3 months ago

This hike is really awesome. Unfortunately we went in November so there wasn't actual water in the waterfalls, but it was still a very fun hike and mostly in the shade.

Very quiet hike. Only saw two other people the entire time we were there. Mostly fully covered by big trees, so would be easy even in full sun, not like most socal hikes that are in direct sun. Waterfall was more like a trickle.

Ran into a fully grown deer at the fall sight, though. AWESOME

3 months ago

Waterfall is just a trickle this time of year. Go after a rain or in the spring

4 months ago

Great trail to hike, don’t like the parking! The parking lot is very small, gotta park in the street unless you get there early!

on Escondido Falls Trail

4 months ago

Nice hike. The toughest part was the road leading to the trail. The water fall was dry and pretty much non existent.

4 months ago

Nice easy hike t the lower falls. Wasn't expecting much water with it being Oct, but there was a bit of a trickle dribbling down the mossy fern covered rocks. If you decide to do the upper falls climb I would suggest bringing some gloves and shoes/boots with good traction. Currently the upper falls are dry, but it's a fun challenge to scramble up. Using the rocks and tree roots as much as possible makes it a lot easier. There are several paths for getting up and down so its easy to not know which way to go. Look for the shoe prints of others and when you get close to the top you can see a small path along the edge of the hillside to the left. Head for that an you will see the upper falls. It's more of a challenge to work your way down without slipping. This is where the gloves wil come in handy. Found the best method is using the rocks and scramble down almost in a crab position.(Cant fall very far if you are already low to the ground).Overall it's a nice hike with a fun challenge if you are up for it. I will definitely come back in the spring when there will hopefully be some water.

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