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3 days ago

This was a beautiful hike/walk. You have to park by PCH & walk back through a residential area to the trail. There is where the hike begins and you are one with nature (along with many other people coming and going). It was beautiful. There are several creek crossings so you may get wet. I didn't mind it at all. Go check it out it's well worth it.

Really enjoyed this trail. Did this hike before the rains and it got hot because the first part of the hike is out in the open. First Falls is easy to get to and the second one we actually got lost for a bit before finding it. Rappelling down from the second Falls was a lot of fun!


I love hiking to waterfalls. It's a decent hike to the falls. Nice and cool after the hot hike there. You have the chance to get up closer to the top of the big fall. There's another little tail on up to a smaller upper fall. It's slippery from all the loose rocks and dirt, but it was definitely worth the trip up if you don't mind the extra work getting there. Loved the spot and the view of the ocean on the way back down.

This hike has an amazing payoff...the waterfall is incredible! It is gorgeous for now so get out there and see it! I would definitely say this hike is family friendly but would not recommend for those under 3 or 4 unless you have a wearable carrier for them. You have to cross four creeks and it would be difficult to get even a jogger stroller through them. Trust me. I tried. I ended up leaving the stroller parked on the side and had the littles walk. There are a few steeper grades but for the most part it is flat and covered by trees. If you are not super athletic or have a few kiddos with you, you will be tired when you make it back to the car but like I said, it's so worth it.

16 days ago

on Escondido Falls Trail

16 days ago

Great little excursion, that makes you feel like you're out of the city. Would've given it five-stars if there weren't so many people there.

Way to the top ! Great view, scramble.