Great family hike. Kids enjoyed climbing trees, finding tadpoles. It is an easy walk with gentle grades.

Hard trail for me. A fire access road takes you up towards the trail, which doesn't start for a good 1/2 mile. No waterfall or streams found in the summer time. I bet it's beautiful in the fall and spring season.

Great hike to lower falls for kids. Saw a rattlesnake so keep your ears open. The top falls should be accessed by upclimbing the rope just to the right of the lower fall. The path that has a fence clearly trampled from people not obeying directions is not correct. The rope is hanging next to the falls along some roots that look climable. Not for the faint if heart. Follow the All Trails Map. Went up the wrong way further over near the fence and it was sketchy sketchy sketchy. Loose gravel, rocks flying from others. Found the correct path with 4-5 ropes on way down and helped 6 people come down this much safer route. If you went the wrong way up, When you get to upper falls and you are looking at the falls, look to your left. You will see a trail going under a branch. Take it. Go down, and the T go right. You rock scramble, then head up the trail to your left. Keep left up slightly and look down to see ropes. Down climb one at a time and make sure you wait for others to be cleared before you go as rocks could fall and hurt those below. Ropes are the way to go and a fun!

16 days ago

I Hurd in the summer the waterfalls a slow and low and the winter is when it's big and full

does anyone know if the waterfall is dried up?

Easy but nice hike. mostly shady.