Photos of Emigrant Wilderness Nature Trips Trails

Take Eagle Meadow Rd off Hwy 108 and follow the forest roads to Martins Cow Camp (you can google it and use Google Maps to find the camp) and park right at the trail head. There is no sign for this but it is right by a horse campground and you will see the trail. The trail starts off in a meadow that could be wet in the Spring from run off. Once on the way the trail is very clear and easy to follow. It takes you to the top of Eagle Ridge giving you views of Cooper Meadows. If you want to continue another 1.5 miles you can come to Cooper Cow Camp which has several buildings built in the early 1900's and are still in use today for the cowboys that run cattle up to this area. Nice bit of history in these buildings. But be warned the trip back up from Cooper Meadows is steep and will take you a lot longer to get back up then it did to get down.