love this hike, lots of rock jumping, wear good grip water shoes, and pay attention to the tide if you go too late the tide will creep up and you'll be swimming instead of hiking

11 days ago


very short trail. disappointed it was that short. can follow trail or can go a little off and climb over some rocks. easy hike. nice rope u can use to climb up one area.

I liked it a lot. it was quite challenging walking on individual rocks but it is worth saying you did it in the long run. There are a bunch of little tiny sandbugs that won't harm you. On the way back we cheated and took the pipe way back to the beginning of the trail so we didn't have to walk on all those rocks.

2 months ago

this place was a trek to get to across 6-12 in rocks and the tide , but boy was it cool once we got to the shipwreck . I initially followed a cement drainage area down to the beach and turned left , then just walked shoreline to shipwreck.

love this trail it is difficult because your jumping on rocks the whole time, so you have to have good water grip shoes and do it in the mornings because after 2 or 3 the tide starts going up and the trail get covered

2 months ago

Awesome! Wear appropriate footwear. Beautiful

Beautiful and serene. Definitely worth the hike!

I have never been there before

Awesome hike. The 6 mile hike they show on here starts from a parking lot and you walk up a neighborhood street. I wouldn't say this trail is hard but you are walking on rocks 95% of the time.

4 months ago

Had to cut the hike short because the rocks along the shore had so much washed up seaweed and, consequently, flies/ insects! Too many to walk through. Nice while it lasted :( also, the app makes you begin at the Malaga Cove school so you'll walk up a residential area but you'll find the trail entrance soon enough.

Not very much hiking but has great ocean views. I was looking for a bit more of an actual hike and not half of it walking up paved street.

4 months ago

The directions take you to a nearby free parking lot. From here it'll be a 1.5 mile walk on the street to the trailhead. There's plenty of street parking near the trail as well, but I wanted the mileage so I didn't mind the extra legwork.

I've read warnings about how miserable the hike is base on the rocky shoreline, but I didn't think it was too bad. It is worth the view to jumble through all the rocks. Careful footing is needed especially as you draw closer to the wreckage. Algae and beached kelp make the best places to stand close to the ship slippery.

Come earlier to hike, I suspect the heat of mid day amplify the nauseating aroma of rotting seaweed and hobo piss.

Take the time to check out the interesting history of the SS Dominator. It's been there for over 50 years!

5 months ago

Beautiful n helluva hike on the rocks.... gotta get it done before tide comes in.

It's a very short but nice and beautiful trail.


6 months ago

This hike is not very difficult. Most of the way you are just walking on flat ground. The trail is just covered in rocks which makes it harder to walk. Not as fun as a regular hike to me

great view easy hike

7 months ago

I love this hike! If you aren't familiar with the area, just know that you have to hike down a drain pipe, I walk on the side of it because in the morning & afternoon it can get slippery. If you aren't at the drain pipe keep looking or it will add about 2 miles to your hike depending on where you park.

The directions to this place is so confusing. We followed a yelp review which stated to park on 600 paseo del mar which left us about 2.5-3 miles from the shipwreck. I wish we would of known that there was a easier way to it. We hiked about 2 mikes on unstable rocks under hot and humid weather. But on our way to the shipwreck we found the "drain pipe" everyone mentions and realized we can go up that instead of going back the way we came. Coming from the drain pipe, it's about 1 mile to the shipwreck and back.
Probably not my most favorite hike because of the rocky road but the views were amazing.

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