Walk on the North (water) side of Embarcadero and you can walk unimpeded by traffic lights. You can still catch a few glimpses of Fisherman's Wharf in between the tourist traps. Beautiful views of the Bay, Angel Island, Alcatraz, and Telegraph Hill

Touristy, but fun to walk and stop in the shops for souvenirs or delicious food.

More of a touristy walk but interesting!

Go early to miss the crowds, but if people watching is your thing, it's gold

Plenty of people watching and can be very crowded. Overall a nice place to walk.

This is a must-see for SF. Great little touristy walk to just have fun with.

There are many shops here. Go see the sea lions at one of the piers, can't think of the exact one off hand, and fight the crowds. Or at least fight them in June. The weather will be a lot cooler than you would think so if you are cold-natured, bring a light jacket.

1 year ago

I'm a native so I pretty much don't visit the tourist spots unless I'm showing company the city. Yet, it's an SF must see. There's been a trend of casualizing the area. The Franciscan used to be a place to dress up to...as was ASabella's which is now an Applebees. Nothing wrong with that, but the area is changing.

1 year ago