One of best parks in San Diego County

Great place to hike with your pup! Note- They must stay on a leash and PLEASE when you pick up after them, throw their waste away! I saw so many little baggies on the ground, along the trail. I’m afraid if too many people do not throw the bags away, they will not allow dogs anymore. Please keep this trail dog friendly.
It is a moderate hike with a relatively steep incline, especially in the beginning. All dirt and rocks, not suitable for small children, strollers or wheelchairs.
We will definitely be returning and I will start earlier in the morning before the day heats up.

16 days ago

Pretty nice hike, the elevation switches up a lot and once I got past the all the way up junction there wasn't that many people out there. It was a really beautiful out there, blue skies and lots of sage.

Pretty moderate hike with amazing views!

Fun uphill hike!

I loved the trails. The main trail leads to a lake. Took my dogs off leash for a little while and they loved it. Lots of up hill at first. I would come back here its a good workout.

Great hike with great views. While the first half is all ascent, it never felt too steep or unmanageable. Great views of Escondido, Lake Hodges, and in the distance, the ocean!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Lightly trafficked is open to interpretation, but this is a great trail system for mtn biking if you don't want anything truly technical or hilly. You can definitely find some good steep hills once you start exploring, but this more of a fitness ride than a skills/test yourself scenario. For a bit of fun and a great climb, head east to Raptor Ridge. The descent makes the climb worth it.

Great hike for dogs. Lots of elevation gained in the first mile with nice shade. At the top the trail widens and there are tons of options for where to head next. Really enjoyed, will be back.

loved it. great hike. bring water

Awesome trail! Lots of other trails branch off the main trail so there are plenty of options for adding additional miles

Great hike the views at the top are rewarding

This place is AWESOME, especially if you have a dog!! So the trail itself, is pretty well maintained. I would recommend using the AllTrails Map, because it branches off at a few points. About 1 mile in, you are able to take your dog off leash, until you finish the trail and are back at the 1 mile mark!! The trail itself had some beautiful sights along the way. Just beware, there are certain parts that are a little steep, there is little to no shade, and my GPS tracked me hiking 6.53 miles, not 5.9 miles. Overall, it is a great trail that I would recommend.

1 month ago

trail running
1 month ago

Scenic but a bit rocky and loose in spots.

1 month ago

Wonderful hiking area! I will return to explore other trails. However my GPS disagrees with the stated mileage - I clocked 7.6 miles.

I love this place

Easy but beautiful area.

Not for the faint of heart! Most of it is uphill. Bring snacks and water!

I loved this area! Many different trails to choose from.

Amazing trail. Very clean. Took us 4hours to do the whole loop. Walking slow and having 5-7mins rests here and there. Great one!

Great area to explore. There are so many trails, very well marked. We ended up logging about nine miles before I had realized how far we'd hiked. I found this hike looking for interesting local trails and read about the Elfin Forest's haunted past. Great dog hike too.

Great workout!

Beautiful scenery everywhere, from the waterfall, to the lake and dam, to the breathtaking views. So much to see and several different trails. I did the trail to Lake Hodges lookout and then did the extra loop trail from there to get in the extra mile. Some great steep hills for cardio!

Nice hike up to the Lake Hodges Overlook. The first half is a mile and a half of switchbacks going up about 800 feet. The rest of the elevation gain is going up and down hills at the reservoir top on the way to the overlook. Make sure you have good footware. The trail is quite rocky at times.

Cool hike in Escondido.

Good flat run

The Lake Hodges Overlook trail is the longest trail in the park. There are other trails that aren’t as long or steep. The view of the lake is beautiful and worth the long incline. Also, if you have a Fitbit and like to keep track, you can easily cover 10,000 steps if not more, on this trail!

Went with 10 year old son. Was easy for both of us.

Great hike beautiful views

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