The park is open 8am to sunset.

One of my favorite hikes to do in this area!

Great hike glad I live close to this trail!

Great hike!

1 month ago

I recommend you continue all the way to overlook. it has a wide Rocky road, you may see a ranger in a truck, and if you keep going it goes around Lake Hodges and goes to a peak that's pretty awesome. It's worth the extra time and energy!

Great hike! There is a good mix of incline and level ground. Multiple routes to choose from once you hike about 1.5 miles!

Great little hike, beautiful day. There were quite a few people but still enjoyable. It would be good for dogs and kids but need to be patient. I don’t know what kind of tall spiked flowers I saw but beautiful. Look like a yucca of some type.

1 month ago

great hike! the lake is beautiful, and there's places to rest along the way. Do go all the way to the Overlook it's worth the five and a half miles round trip

great hike, beautiful creek, flowers and views
starts going up, there's no shade but the views are breathtaking. you can see so many lakes and reservoirs

2 months ago

Steady ascend to the overlook. It was fairly warm although we started our walk @ about 830 am., so I suggest starting the trip earlier in the day if possible.

Loved this hike- starts an uphill trek to get the heart rate going- pretty little creek then somewhat levels at one mile up- beautiful views of olevhain reservoir and lake Hodges- spotted red tail hawks and other birds ,a roadrunner and nice trails along the way- definitely going back.

Very scenic hike around the Olivenhain Resevoir with views of Lake Hodges and the Paciific Ocean.

I really liked this hike. I ended up doing about 6.5 miles round trip with a few small route detours.

First mile is a pretty good uphill workout, great training hike for harder hikes. I liked the views and that you view first the Reservoir and then Lake Hodges if you go all the way up.

Will definitely do this one again.

Great day hike. Nice workout and good views. You can park down the road if the lot is full. There is also a water fountain up near the top with potable water.

I took my kids on the this trail! We took the botanical route back, and it was beautiful! We walked across the stream and the running water was amazing! Just stay on the trail as there are poison plants off of it—but there are warning signs everywhere!

2 months ago

Hiked there today, had a great time. Very good workout, half of the hike is uphill so be prepared with lots of water. It’s only shaded on some parts, so I also recommend bringing sunscreen. It’s a long hike but the view is worth it, especially when you get down by the reservoir. The hike up is fairly crowded and you have to be careful when people are passing you on the narrow path. There are many pretty wildflowers, you also get to see lizards.

My only real complaint is that one of the tags on the hike is misleading. It shows that there is forest on this hike, but it’s not true. There are trees for only a fourth of the hike, the rest is open brush and rocky terrain.

All in all it was a good hike. I’d do it again :)

Beautiful hike! Gate to the parking lot doesn’t open until 8am. Get there early as this is a popular area and a popular trail. I have sensitive knees, so I has glad to have trekking poles for the way back.

Started with the Way Up Trail and we ended it at the Escondido overlook. There was still tons of other trails available. We then came back down and took the Botanical Garden route and ended it at the Creek overlook, which was a great ending!

Honestly, it was a fun hike. Sharp ascent and some pretty good views along the way. We had a fun time!

Great place to hike with your pup! Note- They must stay on a leash and PLEASE when you pick up after them, throw their waste away! I saw so many little baggies on the ground, along the trail. I’m afraid if too many people do not throw the bags away, they will not allow dogs anymore. Please keep this trail dog friendly.
It is a moderate hike with a relatively steep incline, especially in the beginning. All dirt and rocks, not suitable for small children, strollers or wheelchairs.
We will definitely be returning and I will start earlier in the morning before the day heats up.

3 months ago

Pretty nice hike, the elevation switches up a lot and once I got past the all the way up junction there wasn't that many people out there. It was a really beautiful out there, blue skies and lots of sage.

Pretty moderate hike with amazing views!

Fun uphill hike!

I loved the trails. The main trail leads to a lake. Took my dogs off leash for a little while and they loved it. Lots of up hill at first. I would come back here its a good workout.

Great hike with great views. While the first half is all ascent, it never felt too steep or unmanageable. Great views of Escondido, Lake Hodges, and in the distance, the ocean!

Great hike for dogs. Lots of elevation gained in the first mile with nice shade. At the top the trail widens and there are tons of options for where to head next. Really enjoyed, will be back.

loved it. great hike. bring water

Awesome trail! Lots of other trails branch off the main trail so there are plenty of options for adding additional miles

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