One of best parks in San Diego County

Beautiful views and great hiking!

15 days ago

18 days ago

Steady and steep!! Most def some nooks and crannies back there

First timer and I loved the trails. The fire road running down the center was alright but being the single track aficionado that I am it wasn't bad by any means. Did the 10.3 route loop on here by way of: way up trail, left at main junction towards lake Hodges' overlook to witch trail then loop back around to maintenance road to chaparral trail to equine incline looping around and back to way up trail. Very rocky at times, long steady climbs with occasional short but steep pitches and mix of single track and fire road. It was showering throughout my run and after 36 hours of good rain prior to that, the trail was easily runnable still. I'll be making the drive back here.