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Nice cool breeze coming out of the lower end of the Flume Tunnel which is a welcome treat going up, or down! Locate the tunnel between the two sets of switchbacks ~half way.

We saw many small lizards but no snakes; nonetheless, keep your wits as instructed by the signage.

The end of this trail is somewhat disappointing, but it does provide a view of the ocean over one of the houses.

Overall this is a great hike where you can see beautiful flora, and fauna, as well as a few historical structures while also working on cardio, and your leg muscles!

on Flume Trail

6 days ago

Snakes galore. Few mountain cats in the evening. Great views!

radical. difficult

Stellar hike with great views throughout the trip. Not for the weak or the broke. Most satisfying route to the top

climbed some rocks, saw some gliders, conquered some summits

This trail offers a more direct path to the top of El Cajon Mountain. It involves climbing the south ridge of the mountain and walking a path to the peak. Climbing the ridge is the hardest part about this trail and the climbing gets harder as you approch the top of the ridge. Once on top its smooth sailing to the peak. I did not need to use any rope. wear pants because the trail up the ridge is filled with razor grass and other sharp pants

4 months ago

Lots of switchback and interesting history. Watch out for snakes.

This is a dangerous trail for mountain bikes. But great steep incline. The trail has a ton loose rocks and dirt. Should only be a hiking trail.

5 months ago

parked cars at either end and hiked the trail going towards el Monte park. very nice trail pretty views of the valley.

Really enjoyed the sound of the horses neighing while going up and finding new treasures.

6 months ago

Used 2 cars with a buddy and started from the top so all downhill for us. hike it when it's cooler. More enjoyable. The flume has an interesting history. read about it.

7 months ago

At El Monte Park there was no place to park until after 8 AM including beside the road as that was all posted as no parking. There is one parking lot across the road from the park which was free once the gate was opened. The trail was well maintained and was an actual foot trail; not an abandoned road called a trail. The beginning is a fairly steep grade that switchbacks. There is a historic marker at about 1 mile. A nice view of a tunnel used as part of the flume system there. I went up to the summit and continued until the trail ended at Creek Hills Rd. among new gigantic houses. An earlier start could be made from this point as there are no gates. I went back to the first historic marker and followed the trail westbound, where the flume actually ran. I saw two more historical markers then the trail is overgrown, but easy to find. I continued quite a ways then returned by the same route for a total distance of 9.5 miles. An interesting hike and the section following the route of the flume was mostly flat, easy walking. The trail to the summit has great views of the area. A very pleasant, peaceful area and the historical marker are interesting.

9 months ago

Fun little trail with an interesting history.
Convenient parking and notes on the history along the trail.
Rated "moderate" for the switchbacks at the beginning which get the heart rate going. After that it's pretty flat and narrow.
Very nice views and you can hook into the Lake Jennings loop at the top.
Wild flowers are everywhere right now!

10 months ago

This is a great trail. We had little ones with us so we only did the first hill. The trail takes you up 1 hill, down that and then up a much bigger one. Next time we will leave the littles and complete the whole trail. Clearly marked, good path, and still a good challenge. Really nice wild flowers. Highly recommend this.

11 months ago

Went with a large group of people a few days after rain, so the park was very green! Clear, well-marked trail made it easy to navigate all the way to the road (Creek Hills Rd). Moderate hike with lots of smaller, less-traveled trails made it easy to explore the area. Some cool historical significance on this trail - the remnants of a flume (an aqueduct) are at the bottom of the valley, almost at the halfway point from the road. It was used to transport water to San Diego!

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