This is a fun, quick, and quite easy, hike. a little bit of climbing to get into the cave, but nothing advanced.

A simple walk with a bit of a scramble to get up to the actual cave. A fair amount of traffic most days.

Pretty simple trail, although I did miss the turn to actually go to the caves and had to turn around. There are many different trails in this area, so it is easy to lose track of which one you are on. When I did finally get to the caves, they were quite awesome! A different type of destination than anything else in the area. I’ll definitely be back!

Fun and surprising trail. The Munits cave is a pleasant surprise, going up is not difficult, coming down does need firm grabs and well profiled shoes. Not sure coming down from the other side of the cave is the way complete the trail loop..Will explore in future trips! Lots of hikers with kids and/or dogs, all friendly and nice to have with.

Nice easy beginner trail can be down in an hr

Really fun cave to stomp around in, not the most visibly hiker friendly trail. There are no trail markers that I remember and it's easy to feel like you've gotten lost. Still the north part of the loop is fantastic and if I lived nearby I'd hike this all the flipping time.

Take a glance at what this hike is like by virtual hiking it on my YouTube channel.

Poop on the trail. Poop in the cave. View is ok.

This lesser hiked path to Munits cave rates higher on the moderate scale. I've hiked easier "hard" hikes. This is a review going counterclockwise.

After a quick stroll through flat ground you'll ascend twice and complete the full elevation at Castle Peak. Breathtaking views up there.

The loop continues through a relatively maintained trail for about a mile, pants recommended to keep vegetation from scratching you up.

I was not prepared for the descent down.... Perhaps it was the exaggerated fear of the heights for the day, or maybe it was really that terrifying, whatever it was it is much more dangerous to travel this way to the cave.

There are approximately 5 tightly secure cables to assist you on the way up or down. They all vary in heights with the longest way down about 20 ft high. The cables are strong, but it feels sketchy to go down. I spent a good long time here and I advise everyone else to take their time and trust their footing. The rocks have a lot of traction, but it can still be scary.

Once you've made it to the cave you have to scramble up to get inside. Which should be cake at that point considering everything else you will go through.

This trail was gross. The first mile or so is littered with dog poop and trash. The rest of the trail to the caves are covered in broken bottles, trash and, for some reason, clothes. Once you get to the caves L.A.’s finest have tagged and graffitied the rocks and caves. The climb up is fun and a little challenging, but the filth and graffiti really ruin it. Once to the caves I honestly couldn’t wait to leave. For far better hiking go down Valley Circle to Victory and do the Victory Trailhead. If it’s caves and rocks you’re after go up to the 118 and go
To Rocky Peak.

This hike is really pretty. Cave part is little adventurous. You will love it. You will see pigeons inside the cave. Walk all the way to the top and go back down using another route if possible. Must go hike

Great views! Loved the rock scrambling! Short hike. Next time I will make it a longer one by taking a trail after the caves.

Great Trail! Clear path to the cave (when you reach the fork you go towards the mountains on the right) once you get to the cave you'll know you're at the right spot b/c there's a lot of trash around (please do your part and help keep our trails clean), it's a lot easier to go up and around the cave than going back down the steep incline/ entrance to the cave if you just want a short hike... or you can keep going up and find the trail to castle peak which will loop you back to the entrance of the park. If you keep going up towards castle peak you'll run into 2 trails: an easy to walk designated trail or the "rocky trail" both run parallel to each other so no matter which one you take you'll get to the same spot. Once you get to castle peak there's a steep trail that leads back down to the trail head just beware of the bee hive

I ran this trail everyday for four years. Not the prettiest unless heart of winter, but great running!

This hike was tough for me. It was hot for one thing and two that rock climbing was difficult for me my upper body strength was not there but it really is cool to go into the cave and explore it. It's a little difficult to find. When you drive to the park just park in the residential area and follow the paved road and you will find a sign that says the Santa Monica Mountains Park area. you're going to take the road that goes to that right and then if you walk up the incline you'll see the entrance to the cave you can explore inside the cave beware there are pigeons all over the place and It can get a little creepy. But other than that it was really cool.

Super hard if you want to hike up and over the ridge. Scrambling crawling and climbing. Ropes are were needed which really helped! Cave great....If I do it again it will be at sun up not sun down!

Very grassy, but the green grass is becoming yellow and dry. Easy hike, good for walking the dog.

Look out for snakes as I encountered two on the trail recently.

One of the best hikes I've been on in this area, but be very cautious with all the loose rocks and gravel. I got a little overconfident, and ended up taking a tumble down an embankment. Good shoes and taking it slow in certain areas will be your best bet in tackling this one.

Super easy hike, definitely need shoes with a really good grip going up the cave

The wildflowers are out. Blue dicks are the most dominant. Blue dicks aren't my favorite but they're impressive when they add a lavender tint to patches of grass. The wildflowers are best on the north side of the creek.

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