Poop on the trail. Poop in the cave. View is ok.

trail running
1 month ago

This lesser hiked path to Munits cave rates higher on the moderate scale. I've hiked easier "hard" hikes. This is a review going counterclockwise.

After a quick stroll through flat ground you'll ascend twice and complete the full elevation at Castle Peak. Breathtaking views up there.

The loop continues through a relatively maintained trail for about a mile, pants recommended to keep vegetation from scratching you up.

I was not prepared for the descent down.... Perhaps it was the exaggerated fear of the heights for the day, or maybe it was really that terrifying, whatever it was it is much more dangerous to travel this way to the cave.

There are approximately 5 tightly secure cables to assist you on the way up or down. They all vary in heights with the longest way down about 20 ft high. The cables are strong, but it feels sketchy to go down. I spent a good long time here and I advise everyone else to take their time and trust their footing. The rocks have a lot of traction, but it can still be scary.

Once you've made it to the cave you have to scramble up to get inside. Which should be cake at that point considering everything else you will go through.