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16 hours ago

Great hike with a solid amount of elevation gain. The hike is 8 miles round trip with 2800 feet of elevation gain. You start winding your way through beautiful forest and emerge to views of Sierra at Tahoe (a local ski resort). After crawling up a steep section the trees begin to thin and eventually you emerge to unbelievable views. You can see more lakes and mountains than you will know what to do with. Have fun and be safe. This is a nice trail all the way to the top, not too rocky and lots of good footing.

Definitely one of my favorite trails! Thank you Hi-Landers 4wd Club for all the hard work you do to maintain this trail every year!

off road driving
3 days ago

37” tires 5”lift
sliders. Used it all That trail doesn’t disappoint hard-core

4 days ago

Nice wilderness trail, didn't see any mountain lions.

This loop is best clockwise. it took me 4hrs30min. It took just under 2hrs to summit freel. 30 min from freel to jobs sister. and 50min from jobs sister to jobs. the hike down jobs to the road is 45 min, and a 15 min walk back to the car. I am in better than average shape, 30 years old, and would rate this hike a 6 or 7 out of ten for difficulty. This was a solo mission for me, but I do not recommend others go solo without some previous experience in the mountains. also, alltrails says 11.4 miles, and strava said it was 9.5miles. best views in all of Tahoe!

6 days ago

Great trail, however this is 4.1 miles each way (value from iWatch plus two trail guides) not the 6.5 stated here!

on Ralston Peak Trail

7 days ago

Beautiful hike this time of the year. The weather was great and helped with the steady climb to the top. Enjoyed it a lot ! Short and moderate hike.

off road driving
7 days ago

Trail was fun, started from highway 88 and ended in Strawberry off of highway 50, there were a few challenging spots but 2 difficult ones. We were in a newer Tacoma with a 3inch lift and 33s. Don’t recommend for any less than that. Lots of rocky areas. Expect some scrapes and dings. Trail gets pretty narrow in some areas. Overall a fun trail, took about 3 hours to complete with a few stops along the way.

A beautiful drive. I would not call it an off-road Trail however. It is poorly marked, download the map!

Typed ‘Thunder Mountain Trailhead’ on google maps and it led the way. Pay attention about 300 yards up, it’s a quick turn out. You’ll know you got it when you see the large trail head sign with map at the back of the parking area. This is a well marked trail that we took our little dog on. Carried him over the sharper rocks but it was a nice hike. Got the heat rate up at times and you really experience a wide range of conditions and terrain.

Definitely a scenic hike. Had a lot of different pools to explore and involves a bit of climbing. Great for a quick trip to a waterfall.

we camped at Hermit Valley campground, and ran in the trail from that side, "reverse direction." Much tougher that way. The last tough section, just before the water crossing at the meadow, was more annoying than challenging, just a long chunky stretch of rocks big enough to slow you down. We decided to run all the way out and return to camp through Markleeville, and over Ebbet's Pass. The views on the way back were stunning!

Pretty flat trail to potholes, then lots of rock to explore. Nice swim holes for the dogs and people.

13 days ago

This a great day-hike. The trail itself is not hard; just make sure you are wearing nice hiking shoes because of the loose rocks. This is a great time of the year to do it because of the changing colors of the trees. Lyons Lake is a must!

This is a beautiful trail . Have been running it since the late 70s . Three times this year , most recently with my Daughter. It changes each year, some years worse than others. if your rig is sound you can do it in a day . But it should be done in a minimum of 4 days to really enjoy the area . Should plan on staying at buck for 2 days , hike the waterfall for a beautiful reward.

Great hike. We cut it short before Job’s peak. Definitely do this clockwise. Going up from Job’s to Job’s sister and up the east side of Freel would definitely be worse than down.

off road driving
15 days ago

It was fun good times

15 days ago

Great easy hike in. Beautiful area great for a quick hike, hiking out was a bit harder

16 days ago

Moderate My Ass!

Well maintained trail.

If you're an avid hiker, this is an easy trail. If you're new to it, moderate. Beautiful hike taking you through the forest of mixed trees of golden Aspen , pine and fur and alongside trickling creek and calming pools of water. Plenty of places to stop along the trail to hike in a little bit to have a picnic lunch by one of the many water pools.

The trail is not easy to follow but it's not hard to get back on when you realize you're going the wrong way. Just make sure the creek is to the right of you. As long as you can hear it, you're good. When you are almost to the falls, you'll be climbing up and over boulders. Make sure you have appropriate shoes that have good traction.

This trail is doable in runners or cross-trainers but the terrain is a bit tricky. Rocks, sticks, logs and one small part of trail where you're walking over a pooled water area covered with logs. I would recommend shoes that have ankle support. If you aren't careful, you can easily roll your ankles. I did this in trail running shoes and was fine.

Awesome trail perfect for dogs as there is numerous places for water the whole way up. It looks like the route on all trails is point to point but the vertical is for the out and back. Be prepared to head up hill pretty much from start to finish but incredible views throughout and nothing too challenging.

off road driving
22 days ago

Great to see the trail open again after nearly 6 years of closure. Thank you Gold Hills Possie for all of the work to make that happen, as well as the continued maintenance.

Thr Trail is easy to traverse. Stock rigs with an experienced driver can make it without any problems. There are some hill climbs and a few small rock gardens. Beautiful views from the top at 8500' elevation. You can see Kirkwood, hwy 88, Caples Lake and the Carson Valley. Then as you continue down the trail, the area opens up and you can see volcanic rock bluffs, a variety of trees, and Caples Lake.

Oct. 19 2018. I started on the trail by noon. With the shorter light hours this time of year I was in a time crunch. The added wrong route didn't help me either. There are several trails you can pick up.
Great scenic views and nice lakes to camp at. Things are starting to freeze at night including me!

The back part of the trail gets thin. I'd recommend GPS to help keep you on track.

Next time I do this trail I"ll give my self more time. 2.5 days will make it much more enjoyable.

This area is Desolation Wilderness and you do need a pass!

Be sure to watch for cairns otherwise the trail is hard to see.

23 days ago

This was an okay hike for me. No amazing views on the trail except for at the lake itself since you're in the forest majority of the time. There are some small Aspen groves, which makes this hike better because fall foliage is always awesome. The trail is pretty easy to navigate and the weather was rather pleasantly cool today.

25 days ago

Very nice falls and trails however there are lack of guidance signs to get to the starting points and also to the destination points... people may get lost if they do have maps or offline navigation, trail does not get signal.

27 days ago

Such a great trail! We did a two day backpacking trip, low key and so refreshing.

We went around clockwise, camping by the Government Meadow overnight. We stayed on top of a rock formation (which was a mistake, way too windy) but I would recommend it as a place to catch a killer sunset! There are plenty of nice flat open spaces near the creek, they are easy to spot as logs are usually arranged around the remains of a fire pit.

There is a lovely open area to set up camp about 2 miles in, if you go counter clockwise, on the other side of a bridge. It looks like you could lounge around this mellow part of the creek, and it would be great for swimming on a sunny day.

We picked up our permit at the Ranger Station in Pioneer. It added an extra 30-40 minutes to our drive coming from SF, so if you can get your permit at a station off of 50, you'd save yourself some time.

Beautiful hike!! The trail is very hard to follow but it doesn’t really matter, it is very difficult to get lost! Just follow the creek and you won’t get lost. This was a very fun hike, not too difficult at all and lots of area to explore. We ended up taking the very low creek/river bed back to the trailhead and it was a great way to take back. Beautiful and fun!

Definitely not my favorite hike! According to my phone and two others that I went with, the hike ended up being an average of 6 miles, 15,000 steps, and 90 flights of stairs. Beautiful lake but even in October there were icicles forming all around the lake. I am not a very skilled hiker but I do love to hike. I have done several hikes this year that were just as difficult but had more scenic views than this one. Very uphill and then right back downhill. I am glad I did it and it was beautiful but not a hike I would do again!
I would also like to point out that there is no way to get a desolation wilderness permit at the wilderness boundary on this hike, unlike several other hikes we have done. Every time I have gone into desolation wilderness from a trail there is a station with permits to fill out, not here! We got to the point where it says a permit is required but there were no permits available there or the trail head.

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