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22 hours ago

Conditions as of 5/23/2018: super duper soupy. And are established trails always this poorly marked around here? Or maybe their just more obvious when they’re not flooded. No worries; hard to get truly lost in that area anyhow.

I got good and wet on my way to Sylvia, spent a day drying out and soaking in the beautiful landscape, then decided to summit Pyramid from the West, starting just north of (not next to) Sylvia. That was fun. But FYI the slop starts very early into Lyons from parking. If you’re thinking “maybe it’s just this area; it’ll get better” then you’re very sadly mistaken. The Lyons trail is essentially a babbling brook all the way through. Even the trails side-stepping the regular “trail” were much soggier today than they were on my way in 2 days ago. I was wearing old beat-up Saucony Peregrine trail shoes with microspikes for the summit. My feet were totally soaked and freezing from start to finish every day. lol - somehow, having that whole beautiful place to myself made up for it.

Summary: look elsewhere until things dry out a bit, or just come prepared for ankle-shin deep slogs all the way to the remaining snow pack.

3 days ago

Nice trail, pretty easy hike.

I never grow tired of this hike! we hiked two days ago, got caught in a bit of hail and rain but the falls were incredible and it was still a wonderful day.

Great hike!

Not great for hiking as you get further on the trail. It is overrun by poison oak and blackberry bushes. We were not able to complete the hike even though we wanted to. Bummer since we drove all the way from Sacramento.

We’re new to the area, so it was good that we came prepared with a gps because we lost the trail a few times. The rivers were absolutely stunning, though, and the peak climb was manageable even with our 8mo old daughter in the backpack. Nice change in scenery too, from old wood forest to rushing waterfalls and plenty of rock scrabbling for young kids. There was a ton of dead wood in the forested areas, which made it easy to lose the trail, but overall, it was a great full-day hike. Oh, be sure to let someone know where you are, no cell phone signal and w only met 4 people on the hike.

The trail isn’t so much of a trail as a random area to explore. From the parking lot to the wilderness entrance is pretty straight forward. After that it’s a bit of a free for all. I ended up off trail a few times on the way out, and ignored it completely on the way back. I stopped before reaching the base as there was no one in sight and I had difficulty figuring out where to hike that wasn’t full of brush. Gorgeous views out there, but maybe bring a pair of pants if you wander off trail (wherever that dang thing was). Maybe next time I’ll figure it out and make it to the top. Recommend a hiking buddy due to the lose rock and granite climbing that can get dicey.

The prettiest waterfall I’ve ever seen. The further you I go the harder It gets, so worth every step. Got super close to the top.

Absolutely stunning. Our favorite hike so far!

I took my two boys 8 and 12, the trail was a perfect Adventure. we just mosied along took our time, made sure to look at all our beautiful surroundings and sure enough we came to the Majestic spot. we sat down and had lunch. It was a wonderful hike!

It sucked. I wouldn’t recommend going.

Trail conditions: 5/13/18

Trail is wet and sloppy from melt off with patches of snow below 7,700 ft (full coverage above). There are also a few downed trees blocking the trail.

0-3 miles: Wet and sloppy, with some small patches of snow.
3-4 miles: Larger patches of snow. Easy to lose trail if not paying attention.
4.5 miles: Trail completely covered by snow.

Overall the trail to Sylvia is doable, but the last 2 miles are slow going. Also, make sure to wear waterproof boots!

Great scenic hike in Amador/Alpine county that leads to an even more scenic view when you reach the top. The weather is consistently great in the summer (perfect hiking temperature’s).

11 days ago

We really enjoyed this trail. It was challenging for us (but would probably be easy for those who hike frequently). Had a couple of nice views of the lake and a nice little creek at the end.

What an adventure! This was one of those days that I wouldn't mind living again! My heart is so full from this experience! Definitely feeling blessed today!

Gorgeous, yet very easy hike

off road driving
12 days ago

Not to bad was easy for my sequoia to get through. lots of other trails around area to explore.

12 days ago

Enjoyed this trail. Waterfall looks great right now. Very enjoyable walk for beginners.

off road driving
12 days ago

Just a dirt road that's poorly marked.

Snow starts at mile 2.5 . Beautiful view at the peak as always! Ralston Lake still covered with snow.

12 days ago

Nice hike up but could not cross the falls in May. Views would of been spectacular i al sure

12 days ago

Beautiful right now! Easy trail, no snow. if you dont want to encounter a lot of people go during the week!

14 days ago

Beautiful short hike and the end destination is an amazing lunch spot! Took me around 1.5 hours round trip. I had a hard time finding the trail head because the gravel road has a tons of "no motor vehicles" signs so I ended up walking up that road. Saw a a few cars drove in...next time.

Great hike. Snow for about 1/4 of the trip near the summit. Great views!

18 days ago

Did this hike today. Still lots of snow near the top which makes it a bigger challenge. It was warm for the first half but once you hit the snow we also were smacked with pretty windy conditions. I would prefer it later in the summer when the snow melts but for those looking for a more difficult hike, this could be it.

18 days ago

Trail (though poorly marked) finds its way to a gorgeous view of southern Lake Tahoe and the falls. I can imagine that during the summer months, the trail can be brutal without much shade.

19 days ago

Bassi Fall was a very nice hike. Beautiful fall and views and not very strenuous. Great time to go.

Moderate grade, a Little Rock scrambling towards the end. Grabbed a seat up top and picnicked with the waterfall. As others have said, trail is poorly marked which is surprising for the amount of traffic it gets! Saw lots of dogs. Only wildlife we saw was some blue jays and one lizard. Easy afternoon hike, would do again.

19 days ago

Hiked this trail late April. Still quite a bit of snow on the ground as the trail is mostly on a north facing slope. Trail was a little hard to follow in the snow. It was a gorgeous day and the view from the leap was amazing! Crystal clear day!

Great short hike with amazing waterfall and pools at the end.

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