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It sucked. I wouldn’t recommend going.

Trail conditions: 5/13/18

Trail is wet and sloppy from melt off with patches of snow below 7,700 ft (full coverage above). There are also a few downed trees blocking the trail.

0-3 miles: Wet and sloppy, with some small patches of snow.
3-4 miles: Larger patches of snow. Easy to lose trail if not paying attention.
4.5 miles: Trail completely covered by snow.

Overall the trail to Sylvia is doable, but the last 2 miles are slow going. Also, make sure to wear waterproof boots!

off road driving
10 days ago

Not to bad was easy for my sequoia to get through. lots of other trails around area to explore.

off road driving
10 days ago

Just a dirt road that's poorly marked.

10 days ago

Nice hike up but could not cross the falls in May. Views would of been spectacular i al sure

2 months ago

Can feel like one long slog. Best as an overnight backpack. Have used the route to Sylvia several times over the past 20 years as a tuneup for long high altitude climb approaches. Dog poop can be problematic so watch your step.

This is a rockhounders dream. This area is also known as Traverse Creek Special Interest area and is owned by the Forest Service.

This area has beautiful serpentine rocks, but they do contain asbestos, so don’t pulverize them (asbestos particles are harmful). There is free parking, but not a lot.

The road to this spot is super twisty, so be prepared for that.

great primitive hut to rent, reserve online at recreation.gov During the winter snowshoe or AT ski in for a night. Spectacular sunsets during clear skies. heat and a privy are provided, everything else including water you must bring.

off road driving
3 months ago

Trail is not closed, we did it today... Was amazing, a tiny bit of snow, but trail was in good condition. Cant wait for summer... They made it easier, there is no more crap that will smash your truck :)

Great waterfall and beautiful views of South Lake Tahoe!

BEAUTIFUL hike, but let me tell ya, when its covered in snow there are quite a few tricky spots, and we lost the trail a few times. also the lakes are completely snowed and frozen over right now. enough that when I thought I was solid i hit the edge of the creek coming out and managed to fall knee deep in ice water. Definitely beautiful, but maybe wait til snow melts.

Simply amazing. If you haven’t done it, get it on your list!

Is this trail open in winter?

6 months ago

Nice day hike not too far from Sacramento. Easy grade throughout the hike, until just before reaching Lyons Lake. The trail up to the lake is steep but short and the lake was spectacular. We had the trail to ourselves for the entire ten mile out and back in mid week in early October. This trail appears like it would be pretty soupy early in the season, so one probably more enjoyable for most later in the season.

Hiked to Grouse and Hemlock yesterday through a light coat of early season snow. The trail was a fun and solid workout, and the views up top were gorgeous.

7 months ago

Serene alpine lake surrounded by historic cabins on an Autumn weekday.

This is a pretty vigorous hike to some wonderful lakes. Great if you are looking for a decent workout--not too easy, but not too hard. Smith lake is the final lake and is my personal favorite. It sits high in elevation just at the tree line with some excellent views of the valley below. Very much worth it!

E xxx cellent hike!

off road driving
7 months ago

The trail is officially open with trail repairs made at the stream crossings. Such hard work went into this, please stay on the trail and keep the trail open.

We made it through the trail in about 3 or so hours. This trail is not for those with little to no experience and no armor or locking differential. There are a lot of tight spots and to make matters worse, a large rock right in the middle. Busted side mirror on the large tree with the off camber lean.

It was great to run this trail, it had been about 15 years since the last time I ran it.

nice track! stay to the left of Lyons creek as you approach the saddle.

7 months ago

Lyons lake was super pretty!

7 months ago

Great hike along a river. In September all the snow has melted and there were still wildflowers and plenty of water in the creeks and river. Lyons Lake is beautiful and worth the climb up the rocky hillside.

This is one of my favorite trails. It's definitely an uphill workout in some spots and it pays off big. Climb up the rocks past Smith Lake for even more amazing views.

Not really enchanted by this trail. Much prefer Coma area hikes (Cronan ranch, Marshall state park)

off road driving
8 months ago

The trail is back open to off road vehicles!

We completed it on 9/9/2017
This is not a trail for the casual wheel, I would not attempt it with out at least one locker and rock sliders.

But if you have the right rig, I would highly recommend this tail. We completed it in about 5 hours but where going pretty slow with lots of stops along the way.

We wandered around on granite slabs looking for a trail and finally got to the pools. There are a few big ones and some smaller too, but this was an exceptional year for water and I don't expect the same experience in a normal rainfall year. We set cairns to help us find our way on succeeding hikes but most of them were down when we returned a few weeks later.

8 months ago

9/3/2017 Hike
☆☆☆☆☆ Views
☆☆☆☆ Difficulty
☆☆ Popularity
☆☆ Trail
This trail is amazing! Follow the Twin Lakes trail and veer to the left about 20-30 minutes in. There is essentially no trail because it crosses over granite rocks. We followed the downloaded map here on All Trails and once the GPS signal went kaput, used the stacked rocks and the sound of the water to guide us. With previous posts, I was expecting to get lost and came prepared with enough water. It turned out to be a very easy hike with some elevation gain, but not very much. Probably rated as hard due to the lack of trail markers. Once we found the first pool, we followed the water up to the waterfall, well more like cascading stream on the granite slab. That climb was short but steep. There is a bigger pool up there. Water temp was just right when we went. Very worth it! We had no detours, virtually had a straight shot to the lower pools, see recorded track. Have fun!

Ooh la la. All star views, diverse wildlife and fun trails. Immaculate.

Don't go counter clockwise! The Jobs sister to Jobs has no trail and very loose gravel. Took all of our energy :/

8 months ago

Gorgeous waterfall but got lost on the way back, went off trail and got lyme. My fault for getting lost and not backtracking immediately. Still recommend the trail though! Majestic mountainside trail n waterfall.

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