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13 hours ago

Great views! But keep in mind, it’s really a hard trail! You’ll have long rocky trails going up. It took us 6 hours to go up and back.

1 day ago

This is pretty easy to moderate hike having a paved terrain. Hiking through the lush green Meadows was very pleasing to eyes. The lake by itself serves a good place for backpacking. the hike is almost fully through the dense wilderness and hence was very pleasurable. The rating of 3 has been provided based on the scenery around the lake, as the other side of the lake features a rocky terrain.

2 days ago

Only did southern part of lake but beautiful, well shaded, and even got some fall colors

It a nice trail, was moderate, it’s more green in the spring.

on Bassi Falls

4 days ago

Very easy hike, I took my 80 year old grandpa and he honestly did better than some of the adults. Beautiful water fall with a small waterhole at the bottom to swim in.

4 days ago

Short in distance but not in time. It is not a defined trail you basically just head up, so you need to be careful to pick good lines otherwise you can get stuck in a sketchy situation. Best to go in groups. I severely sprained my ankle about 5 minutes into our decent and it was the most miserable pain defending the mountain for 3 hours with a sprained ankle and I was alone. But for the few that actually teach the top it is an absolutely breathtaking view. Best to go up early in the morning as it does take about 6 to 7 hours round trip.

4 days ago

Fairly easy hike if you are in good shape. My friend and I decided to hike up to Melissa Coray Peak after setting up camp around the eastern side (towards Round Top) which was fairly tough and very rocky, no real trail except for a few rock stackings that hikers have placed. Going around the western ridge is much easier and advised as its less rocky and there are trails leading most of the way to the top. The lake itself was nice and clear but cold, it did get fairly windy during the night but nothing too bad. However, the morning was extremely calm with a few birds chirping around the lake. The streams leading towards Caples from Emigrant were not as active and many of the plants and flowers were dead (late in the year). Looking to going back during the peak summer months for warmer temperatures to dip into the freezing water and to look at the beautiful wildflowers.

Beautiful! This trail is no joke but if you’re up for the challenge it’s great! Very rocky- I won’t go again without poles. Make sure to bring sunscreen and plenty of water!

Challenging trail that never disappoints

Amazing views. Well manicured trail. Take the Frog Lake detour for a great Vista of Red Lake then circle back to the trail to continue on to Lake Winnemucca.

There's a parking lot with a cash box. Bring $5 with you. Bathrooms also located at the parking lot.

My soul is filled with the holy spirit of Mother Earth. Such beauty!

This is a pretty vigorous hike to some wonderful lakes. Great if you are looking for a decent workout--not too easy, but not too hard. Smith lake is the final lake and is my personal favorite. It sits high in elevation just at the tree line with some excellent views of the valley below. Very much worth it!

Love it, not strenuous. Actual mileage 9.1 miles. Emigrant lake beautiful

6 days ago