Over 80 miles of trails through scenic woodlands

This short hike gives you a taste of the featured Kings Canyon Loop trail. It takes you far enough up the hill to peek out at the San Leandro Reservoir and that's it. I added on the Riche Loop at the end, which made the hike almost four miles total.

trail running
1 month ago

Awesome views

Some serious gains in elevation if you start in a clockwise manner heading towards Canyon and not the reservoir.
Would be nicer without the bleating and moaning of a bunch of cows stuck in a pen.

This trail is a good length and the right balance of hills and flat portions. However, it is not the right hike for a hot sunny day. There is barely any shade, and the area gets quite warm. We lathered ourselves with sunscreen every hour and still ended up suffering from the sun.

Not the prettiest hike, but definitely gave us a work out. The trail is not well marked and does not have much shade so definitely wear sunscreen! You are also supposed to have a permit but we risked it anyway and did not get ticketed. We did leave with some ticks tho... would not recommend this trail.

3 months ago

Walk, Run, Bike!