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I don’t know why this trail is so highly rated. The waterfall (if you can call it that) is a mere trickle. This section of the trail (to the waterfall) is overgrown and poorly maintained.

About a mile up the main trail, there are a couple benches with some lovely views of the city. But the rest of the hike is a real calf-buster—a brutal ascent with switchbacks that never seem to end. Unless you’re just in it for a good workout, I’d skip this one. There are no trees, no shade on this trail. I hiked it in the summertime, and it was almost unbearable.

The peak does have some great views. But so does nearby Echo Mountain, and that trail has an interesting end point with resort and railroad ruins. If you’d like a good workout on a trail that is easily accessible, I’d recommend Echo Mountain over this.

12 days ago

Loved it! Especially in the rain

I imagine it may be nicer during the week, but very crowded on a Sunday morning, even in early February. We picked up lots of trash (wrappers and empty chip bags) near the base of the waterfall :(

Quick hike with my dog. Beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail but there is some scrambling and crossing of streams. Overall, I enjoyed this hike in the middle of the week starting at about 11am and at the end of February! Not too hot!

Pretty easy hike with the exception of a short steep climb toward the peak. Don’t cross the’s not part of the trail. Great views at the top. Plenty of parking and easy to get to. Downtown Sierra Madre is around the corner for brunch or coffee right after your hike!

Hmm...I only clock about 6 miles up to Henninger based on where I start I’m assuming. Not much scenery and no shade. If you want to build your tolerance of going up hill, I’d recommend this hike. Otherwise, there are other hikes that have a lot more going on (optically).

Can get very crowded. Get there early morning or late in the day to avoid the crowd.

Great hike, kid friendly, beautiful waterfall at the end.

I’ve never seen a trail so trashed and crowded in all of my hiking. Literally trash everywhere. Every other group we passed had music blaring from speakers attached to their backpacks. It would probably be a very pretty hike super early on a weekday morning... that’s the only way I’d ever give that trail a second chance.

30 days ago

Wonderful time, nice and easy, Enjoy, ;-).

Great Hike!

Straightforward. Check out the museum at the top and the fire lookout tower. I grew up doing this hike but it is no frills.

One time I saw a guy selling balloons along this trail.

Great trail. My dog and I did this hike today towards the end of the day. Love the lightly traveled aspect of it. The switchbacks going up are super intense. Run down!

This was a steady climb uphill. No shade. There are two restrooms (outhouse style) with no running water. There is a water fountain but it doesn't work. You can set up camp for the night or grill in the charcoal pits. If you keep going, you'll eventually get to Mt. Wilson.

Great home for beginners

easy and beautiful trail to take a beginner friend

Nice easy hike...

Great trail with more options. Continue past Jones up steep hill to small white sign. To the right is the “Hiker Bob” trail that connects to the Mt Wilson trail from Sierra Madre. To the left is Hastings Pk and the Mt Wilson toll road beyond.

Remember, slow and steady always wins! Two words: steep, switchbacks. Excellent workout! Parking available in a lot or neighborhood and there is a restroom at the start of the trail. I used trekking poles and wore hiking boots but it could be done without.

1 month ago

Nice hike easy, best part waterfall.

It has beautiful views and benches to enjoy view. It was great that there was very few people. People were weary friendly.

Cool for family hiking, I can bring my dog, really is cool

LOVED IT! It’s a great trail to go on with your dogs. The scenery is beautiful, especially the waterfall.

Love the rock climbing .....

Very nice trail. Beautiful waterfall at the end!

Very good trail did this trail about three times

1 month ago

It's a beautiful hike and great for families and people who have dogs. Tons of people were on the trail by 9:30AM but there's ample parking.

1 month ago

Nice little hike and my kids really enjoyed the waterfall at the end

really nice hike, great for kids or if you have dogs but if you want the trail all to yourself that probably won't happen here. Packed on the weekends but middle of the week isn't usually that bad.

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