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Amazing hike
I’ll do it again! ;)

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I definitely enjoyed this trail and it was worth chasing the waterfall. I drove all the way from the west side so I was happy see the waterfall. There have been too many hikes that I've went in search of waterfalls only to find that they were weak because of the drought.

This trail was very scenic and the terrain varied enough for it to be challenging, charming and fun. I definitely enjoyed it. The water was cold and brisk but it felt good to be that close to nature and feel safe. It's definitely go back.

Beautiful Views. Awesome Camps! The hike was brutally perfect, and my tan. superb.

on Eaton Canyon Trail

8 days ago

Great place to hike. Very crowded, but beautiful waterfall. There are a lot of small trails that branch off from the main trail. You can come here 3 or 4 times and never fully see all it has to offer. The trail was very scenic. The terrain varied from rock to flat land.

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I did this as a loop, starting from Eaton Canyon, going through Henninger Flats, up the Mt. Wilson Trail to where the Idlehour trail splits, following the entire Idlehour trail until it connects with the Middle Sam Merril trail, taking that to Echo Mountain, taking the Incline trail back to the Rubio Canyon trailhead, then taking the Altadena Crest trail back to Eaton Canyon. It was about 25 miles and 10 hours, but an amazing experience. I did not see another person until I got back to Eaton Canyon. Upper Eaton Canyon is beautiful, and the water was still running by Idlehour camp. The place is so full of deer it's actually noisy. Watch for ticks up there. The views of Mt Wilson, Mt. Markham, and Mt. Lowe are great.

Better to hike before the summer. The river dries up after the summer and the water fall is very thin.

Not a hike as much as a switchback fire road. Go in the early morning since there is no tree coverage until the end. If you have them, bring your hiking poles. Pretty views of the city and a couple lookout points with benches.