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It brings a lot of memories ;)

Beautiful shady trail that is mostly flat or close to flat, takes you up to small falls and then if you scamper up some rocks, you can get to the larger falls. As of April 18,2018 waterfall was full. Did this hike on a Wed and plenty of people out so I would imagine it’s packed on weekends. One main trailhead starts you off. We came to a form and made the mistake to go right up Walnut Canyon. That was a HARD vertical climb on switchbacks. Finally realized we we’re going the wrong way, so we went back down and took the flatter trail down to falls. I would say waterfall trail is EASY in terms of exertion level but need a little technical skill for crossing stream and using rocks to walk across.

Damm fammm dammm

7 days ago

Well it was a great trail. Can’t complain Iraq has better trails with some more adventure. For the people complaining about the trail I will politely say go screw your self and your little minds. Remember it’s a hiking trail that is moderate and not every trail is gonna be too your needs be happy Mother Nature doesn’t kill you or eat you alive. If you want a clean trail keep it clean if you want it to be less hard then it is then take your head out of your butt. Especially you Spanish speaking lady. Don’t go unless you are ready for it. Dumbasses

Easy trail. Small waterfall into shallow pool, good for kids and dogs to take a dip.

13 days ago

I loved the waterfall. The trail had a lot of creek crossings so don’t wear shoes you won’t want to get wet. Lots of dog poop on the trail, which is inexcusable considering there are baggies provided at the beginning of the trail. Got there early, trail had a couple of other groups on it. On the way out, there were massive groups of school kids and nature walks and the parking lot was full. Also, no one wants to hear your phone blasting your crap music. Turn it off!

Loved the water and rocks! Enjoyed the waterfall at the end, of course.

simplemente hermoso un lugar muy agradable...

19 days ago

Great trail if you get there early. Next time will go down the side entrance before the gates open. I'd do it again to explore Henniger Flats and Echo Mtn, but the main trail gets too crowded to really enjoy it. Constant people around and a lot of discarded trash and animal feces owners don't pick up. Beautiful hike ruined by people. Would rate a 5/5 if it weren't for that.

Loved taking the trail. However it’s very crowded at times. I recommend finding the smaller trails on the side to get some more intimate walking areas.

26 days ago

Go UNDER the bridge trail to get to the waterfall. With spring run-off your shoes WILL get wet crossing the stream (multiple crossings to get there & back). Parking overflow is down & right as you come down the entrance road. Restroom inside Nature Center. Crowded trail but worth it.

hermoso río y bonita cascada ! Solo que es muy concurrido .

27 days ago

Wide trails!

1 month ago

Great winter/spring hike in cooler weather.

I loved it! Only hiked for 6 miles but it was worth it, mostly uphill so not for beginners, it’s great for building up stamina for more difficult hikes. I’d definitely recommend it.

1 month ago

Loved it! Especially in the rain

I imagine it may be nicer during the week, but very crowded on a Sunday morning, even in early February. We picked up lots of trash (wrappers and empty chip bags) near the base of the waterfall :(

Quick hike with my dog. Beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail but there is some scrambling and crossing of streams. Overall, I enjoyed this hike in the middle of the week starting at about 11am and at the end of February! Not too hot!

2 months ago

Hmm...I only clock about 6 miles up to Henninger based on where I start I’m assuming. Not much scenery and no shade. If you want to build your tolerance of going up hill, I’d recommend this hike. Otherwise, there are other hikes that have a lot more going on (optically).

Can get very crowded. Get there early morning or late in the day to avoid the crowd.

Great hike, kid friendly, beautiful waterfall at the end.

I’ve never seen a trail so trashed and crowded in all of my hiking. Literally trash everywhere. Every other group we passed had music blaring from speakers attached to their backpacks. It would probably be a very pretty hike super early on a weekday morning... that’s the only way I’d ever give that trail a second chance.

2 months ago

Wonderful time, nice and easy, Enjoy, ;-).

Great Hike!

Straightforward. Check out the museum at the top and the fire lookout tower. I grew up doing this hike but it is no frills.

One time I saw a guy selling balloons along this trail.

This was a steady climb uphill. No shade. There are two restrooms (outhouse style) with no running water. There is a water fountain but it doesn't work. You can set up camp for the night or grill in the charcoal pits. If you keep going, you'll eventually get to Mt. Wilson.

Great home for beginners

easy and beautiful trail to take a beginner friend

Nice easy hike...

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