I’ve been hiking this trail with my pup (off leash) for a little over a year now. I love this trail because in just 3 miles you get a pretty solid workout. First mile is easy, after you pass the cattle gate (end of city trail) it gets deeper in and more incline but nothing strenuous. Just be aware it’s a HIKE. The trail ascends & descends rapidly. The view at the top is so rewarding, usually windy. You can see all of the Tri-Valley. But it opens up to several other trails if you wanna go a different direction too.
This trail has a great balance of shade and sun. My dog loves the creek during the fall/spring where she can cool off. Which personally I think is the best time to hike.
Park after the second stop sign on Silvergate. (Left) The trail head is right at the front of the gated community.

FYI: there are bobcats and lots of wildlife on this trail so be cautious.

Watch out for coyotes! Saw one down by the creek, but otherwise a very easy nice walk, not really a hike...

For slackers like us this was a good wake up call to get back in shape. Try to go early enough to miss the heat because there is almost no shade!

A tale of 2 trails... The bottom mile is a pretty dull gravel road that is a city of Dublin trail and by itself I would rate 1 1/2...
You then go through a gate to the Contra Costa part of the trail and it is very good at 4+.
The good thing about both sections is that it is mostly shaded. I also notice a couple of single tracks that if I ever did it again I would explore. The trail goes beyond what is mapped here as well...

Gentle uphill to a small loop and back down. Just a dirt road with no trees. I did see another trail that forked off. Took a cute calf pic. Don't bother.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Strange little gravel trail starting just inside a subdivision and skirting a nice creek with some shaded areas in the more flat beginning mile or so. Trail had a lot of ups and downs that a well engineered trail would have avoided. Not much for bikers, prob very good for families out for a nice walk with a bit of shade. We did not even attempt the steep part past the gate.

This was a great hike if you were going evening time anytime lotta shades good day have fun with the kids so we had a good time

2 months ago

Quiet trail that meanders past homes and then into a pastoral and shaded setting. An out and back trail to do with kids. Very pretty but not a long hike at all.

nice trail, very easy

This is a really good trail. I hiked it with my wife, 2 daughters (5 yr old & 11 month old) and our dog. It is pretty easy for the first mile or so until you reach the gate. This is when it became a real challenge. We hike with a backpack carrier so the baby's just chillin'. The 5 year old likes to go out there and explore but it was making me nervous since you're walking single file on a 2.5 foot ledge and a gnarly 50 ft drop on the side plus our dog pulls so one wrong move can be a disaster. We decided to turn around 1.35 miles as we thought it may not be safe. Its only 5 mis away from me, we'll defintely have to come back without the kids or dog.

Average trail in June and throughout the summer I feel.
No shade whatsoever. Fairly easy hike as you dodge cow patties.
Another star in spring green hills for sure.

Nice, easy rolling out-and-back trail. The trail offers excellent 360 degree views. The trail is a service road/fire trail but it winds through grazing land, so watch out for numerous cow patties. The trail can be muddy after rain and become ruddy when dry.

Definitely a hidden treasure. I was a bit hesitant to go all the way to the top after the mountain lion/rattlesnake warning sign, but glad I braved it solo with the pup. The views and the heavy breezes up top were amazing.

I am glad to have discovered this trail through the app! There are parts that are easy but once you get through the gate, it becomes challenging. The trail is narrow and was a bit slippery when I hiked the first time. Going through the trail feels like you’re in the middle of the forest. The trail connects to the Donlon Loop, which provides breathtaking views of Dublin and Pleasanton.

Simply awesome!!

4 months ago

Excellent walking trail with beautiful views of the local foothills. The trails are very accessible and the trail system is well marked and easy to navigate. I walked the Donolon Loop Trail on 4/20/2018; beware that parts of the "loop" portion of the trail are overgrown. Until maintenance has been done, some bushwacking is required so where long pants.

5 months ago

Nice little trail right by my house. Gorgeous views and can get your heart rate going on the uphill portions. I enjoy doing this hike once a month or so. Always something new to see.

5 months ago

Nice trail for the most part but trail narrows quite a bit and the grass overgrowth makes certain areas of the trail hard to distinguish in the loop portion of the hike. Also in same area very tall with grass about 4-5’ high, pay attention to your downloaded map or you could mid a turn. Overall nice very nice, just look down a lot when you walk or you will be ankle high in cow patties. Satellite and phone reception worked the entire trail.


Such a beautiful hike! Definitely recommended

Great trail for a quick close to town excursion.

Nice and easy trail. Good views from the top. We stayed on Calaveras Ridge Trail the whole time. Recommend!

Nice trek and views

A good hike to return to for wonderful sunrises. The ever mercurial marine layer creates new pallets of color from daybreak to dawn, especially in late Autumn and early Winter.

Great trail! Starts off easy on the gravel and then gets more fun when you get through the gate. I wouldn’t call this portion easy though. It’s mostly uphill and you’re walking on a single file ledge. The wooded view is beautiful! Quiet and peaceful! Once you get out of the woods, you’re in the rolling hills with more trails to choose from. I walked up the tallest peak and was rewarded with another amazing view! Definitely recommend this trail!

10 months ago

Nice trail with shade and a gorgeous view from the top. The afternoon I went the winds were blowing 40-50 mph at the summit.

I think of this trail as two distinctly different trails. The first is wide and easy. The second, after the gate, is a narrow single track moderate trail with elevation gains your calves will notice. Especially if carrying a 10 lbs hydration pack. I highly recommend trekking poles for this half.

I gave it four stars for late October. I bet it’s a five after the winter rains.

This one is going to be a favorite.


a great trail. pretty cool view from the tippity top

Monday, September 11, 2017

A really nice mostly flat trail. Went on a warm day but had a decent amount of shade especially the further into the trail you go. Only downside was that someone had busted open a watermelon and crushed a bunch of eggs right in the middle of the trail so i had to go around it.

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