Pretty good hike today it hot hot quick lol trail overall good but I don’t thing is in the hard category did the loop next time will go to pumpkin rock from there but will need to take someone so we leave a car on the other side overall took some good pics and videos on drone will be up on YouTube later

I'm reading that this is a difficult hike? Granted, the first ascent is a bit steep but calling it difficult? I don't know that I would call it that! But then again, I do tend to push myself to the extreme and have been called a "hardcore" hiker more than once! LOL!! Heck, my next venture is Cucamonga Peak through Day Canyon Wash (no trial) and coming down through Icehouse Canyon. To me, that's a hike! LOL!!

In all seriousness though, I really enjoyed this hike and will do it again! The views are very nice. its a great hike for a group or if you just wanta brief getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life. :-)

Another thing to note is if you don't want to go up or come down that first ascent, there are trails that will lead you around the side that let you out on the street (Campbell Ave) which is on the north side of the park. I only mention this because coming down a steep ascent is a bit more difficult than going up.

I found his Trail to be challenging. Wear a hydration pack, bring some food. Great hike.

This is a great hike through private lands that remain open. The hike will take you to the summit of Hole Mountain, named after Willits Hole. Then you will proceed north through the Hole Cross summit and proceeding North above the Cat's Paw region of the area. To the west you will see Pumpkin Rock and Peacock hill. Then you will ascend the the tallest peak which is Devil's peak owned on property by Crestlawn Cemetery. From Devils Peak you proceed west to Vaquitz Mountain and down to La Sierra Mountain finishing at Crestlawn Cemetery.

first incline is a butt kicker than easy hike across the ridge

Good workout. Go on a cool day if possible since there is no shade. Stay on the trail! I roamed off the trail for a bit to search for a reported missing man. I came within about 50 feet of a large coyote while off the trail. I also came close to a burrowing owl, a few rabbits, and a large machete that was stuck in the ground (go figure!). There is a cross at about the halfway point and another cross further along with a bench nearby. There are stunning views of all the surrounding mountains when near the top.

The trail was overall decent, i didn't like that there was no shade what's so ever anywhere on this trail. For me that was the only down side. Take lots of water!

If your looking for a steep incline and ready to work your glutes this is the hike for you. The first half mile is challenging but well worth it once you at the top.

It's a hard hike. Real steep. Definitely not for beginners. Good workout. Don't go when it's too sunny out, sun will beat you.

This is a great trail, you don't have to go the full 5.2. I did a 2 mile hike with my dog today and it took me around 1 hour as most of it's up hill and steep coming back down. Would suggest only people that have moderate experience for this trail.

Great way to work on your cardio, will get your heart pumping haha I strongly suggest to visit early in the morning because it will get super hot and there's no shade.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Steep. Little trail, much water run-off canals.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This is no longer called Golden Park. It is now called Doty-Trust Park, in honor of two fallen police officers for the City of Riverside. The park is beautiful and well landscaped. The walk is partly through a neighborhood and partly through the park. It has incredibly beautiful vistas of the city of Riverside because it's on the side of a hill. The area is semiarid and the undeveloped hills in the neighborhood are strewn with very large boulders, a few remaining hoodoos, and California coastal chaparral.

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