2 years ago

Lots of nice people, great and definitely the safest beach for kids in town. Not much hiking or viewing outside beach but the jetti is always fun and it's ALWAYS windy there so don't be surprised but there's cool kite stores in town lol. And the bodega dunes camping is out of the weather and just on the other side of the harbor and only 5 mins down the road, you'll thank me later.lol

scenic driving
3 years ago

Beautiful place. Came here from Santa Rosa after attending the Santa Rosa Air Show. I was with VFA-122 Flying Eagles in the airshow and thought that the beach here would be like any other beach in Cali. We got here and it was mostly cliffs, gravel, and rocky protrusions out from the sea with a crap ton of fog. But it was spectacular I can tell you that. My son had a blast. Even though I was not dressed for it I rock climbed about 20 feets in my casual shoes I had on. It warmed up and we went for lunch at some Deli at this gas station by the marina. Got some saltwater taffy and had a good day. Just beware the fog, other drivers, and the roads are very winding getting there.