Photos of Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Camping Trails

1 month ago

So, to start with you need to access through Tamerack ridge off of Hwy 168. The road in that is off of Dinkey creek rd is closed due to bridge out . The last mile to trail head is pretty rough and you will want a car with some clearance . I did see one van in parking lot that didn’t have clearance and I am absolutely certain he has damage to car . This trail to Mystery lake is short but thankfully you can keep going . Wife and I did Mystery , Swede, South and First Dinkey. That loop was 9.4 miles per my Garmin. If you go to Mystery lake first at the split your initial climb is steeper than going to First Dinkey first. The Lakes are all busy but we went on weekend so that is expected . There is a second split where you can keep going to Second Dinkey lake . This would eventually lead you to Courtright reservoir . I will add some pics . Do yourself a favor and get a paper map of Dinkey Lakes Wilderness at REI or wherever . The area is so full of trails it was nice to compare my Garmin to the paper map .

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