trail running


only rated as hard because of the initial climb up Castle Rock, otherwise easy, this area off limits from Feb to July due to Peregrin Falcon nesting. Great little loop. almost five miles but because of the climb took two hours. We hit the trail at 6am and only passed one hiker on the way out. Nice bit of isolation. Lots of birds, Nuttals Woodpeckers, hawks, seen a skunk as well.

Great trail! Beautiful scenery. Prepare to have dusty ankles and shoes at the end.

Little unknown park in Walnut Creek. You really need to go very early and you will have the park to yourself. We park down the street and enter before the ranger unlocks the gate. Nice little 3 mile morning hike to start your day. Lots of birds, deer we have even seen a bobcat.

Easy peasy hike for all fitness levels. Only 200’ elevation gain which is nothing. HOT in summer but this is a perfect after work hike to do with my dog. Dogs are allowed off leash here, there’s grazing cattle and the usual wildlife that you find in the EB hills. After a rain, parts of the trail are really muddy so make sure you wear real hiking boots and not sneakers.

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