Some details of the geologic origin of the Devils Postpile are not completely clear, but enough is known to reconstruct much of the story. Until recently, it was thought to have formed about one million years ago. Current studies suggest that the Postpile was formed less than 100,000 years ago when a cooling lava flow cracked into multi-sided columns. However, to fully understand the geologic setting of the Postpile we must go back millions of years to a time when there was no Sierra Nevada and California was a shallow sea. The beginning of North America For nearly 500 million years, what is now Eastern California was a shallow sea. The western edge of North America was several hundred miles east of the present coastline and North America was part of a large super-continent called Pangaea. This super-continent was the land mass from which all of today

Did this hike with my wife as our warm up for the backpack trip that followed a few days later. Nice trail and quite busy with people of all ages. The falls are great in early summer. Camped out one night at Minaret Falls campground. Doing so allows you to be able to drive down the road otherwise you have to take the shuttle. The trail takes you past the Devils Post pile first, then continues down to the Falls. We hiked on the trail that brings you to the top of the post pile when we came back from the falls. Neat to see the Basalt columns from on top. Nice easy walk and can be hot during the middle of the day

Lovely, easy hike. Completed it with a friend in October 2016, not too hot or too cold. I like harder hikes, but this is great for the family, or a half day trip


2 months ago

We did the trail from the bus last stop back to the scotcher lake stop. Unfortunately one side of the Scotcher lake trail was closed so we coul dnot make it as a loop.
This Dino Fall is mentioned in a lot of guides, but I could not find anywhere the GPS tracks for it so this is why I created the trail

This hike is great! I really like how you park, buy a shuttle ticket at the ski resort and the bus takes you on a huge loop around the park. There are many short hikes you can elect to do, just hop off at the stop( they give you a map at the ticket window). When your hike is complete, just wait for the bus to haul you out or to the next trailhead.
Devils post pile is one of the hikes and it's a great one! Once you reach the post pile, continue down the trail to Rainbow Falls. When your done, head up the hill to the bus stop. There is a store and restrooms.
It's a cool hike that's on a well used trail.

One of my favorite hikes! Rainbow falls is gorgeous and devils post pile is mesmerizing.

4 months ago

Beautiful falls! The actual hike to the falls is relatively flat and family friendly. Be careful if you have little ones wading into the water near the falls; the rocks can be very sharp!

Very nice hike

Went here after the Devil's Postpile, it was a nice trail and offered some more amazing views once you got to the waterfall

It was a great and rewarding experience. The view was amazing and a good workout to boot.

Amazing hike, it never gets old!! It's super smart to go very early in the morning around 5am so that you yourself can drive down there and park wherever you want. I have taken the bus down there and i had to stand the whole time and quite frankly, i think any Californians or hikers will admit that having to stand in a packed bus isn't our cup of tea and we're not used to it. Also there are MANY tourists that you can avoid as well. Get up super early when it's still dark and drive down to Devils Postpile and catch the trail. You have to be at the entrance before, i believe, 7am or else they will not let you in! At this early in the morning, you can't see the rainbow at the falls because the sun doesn't hit it yet, but it is worth it. You might see one or two people, and it is so calming. Birds chirping and the sun rising, nothing beats it. This is amazing compared to the hundreds of people trying to get a peak at the waterfall, and hundreds of people on the trail alone. But whatever you end up doing, enjoy the whole experience!

5 months ago

Beautiful hike with nice views. Waterfall had a good amount of water and we even saw a rainbow. We walked over the top of Devil's Postpile which offered more views and a closeup look on the hexagon patterns. Total distance including hike back along the road was 5.9miles

Easy stroll for the average person. We hiked here off of the PCT as a quick detour. Crowded ... But beautiful.

We went in the evening, after 7pm, when you didn't have to take bus anymore and could just drive down the parking, right next to the Devil's Postpile. This way we were almost completely alone on the trail and were able to marvel at the monument in relative solitude.

During the day it's possible to take the bus to the Devil's Postpile stop and then it's only 0.5 miles to the sight, a little more if you want to go on top and see the hexagon squares on the surface.

More photos: https://csgirllife.wordpress.com/2016/09/15/devils-postpile/