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Not many small or medium-sized cities can boast of three mountain ranges within its border, but Glendale, California, does. Stretching east and north from the San Fernando Valley, the city takes in substantial parts of the San Rafael Hills and the Verdugo Mountains, plus a small slice of the San Gabriel Mountains at the city's northern extremity. At this northernmost spot in Glendale, overlooking the foothill communities of La Crescenta and Tujunga, lies Deukmejian Wilderness Park, named after former California governor George Deukmejian. The park's 700 acres of chaparral-covered slopes are drained by two ravines with steep gradients: Cooks Canyon and Dunsmore Canyon. During the mid-20th Century, the area alongside the Dunsmore Canyon stream was used by the Le Mesnager family as a vineyard. An old stone barn at the trailhead is reminiscent of that time.

Very overgrown !!!

Great in and out. The sun exposed side of the hill could definitely get sun baked, but today was cool and cloudy. Perfect! Took the fire road from the top of Crescent View up to Mt. Markham...worth the extra walk!

I have to say I like this hike, it is very peaceful. Please mind that they don't want people to be hiking it now due to recent fires however if you leave super early and are out but 9 am you won't have any issues. It's a fun trail that utilizes a fire road so if you are not a fan of bushwhacking then this one is for you.

trail running
2 months ago

Trail exposure, pitch and views are very nice. Plus it was nice and shady at 1:00 pm in December. Unfortunately trail is overgrown with vegetation and with 5-7 trees down across the trail. Perhaps the trees will be removed but they impeded my run today. Also, some soil erosion going on which makes the foot work somewhat challenging, nonetheless, it was a nice experience and I’d go back.

a very peaceful hike we never saw anyone else

Good trail width and well kept. Steady incline the whole way with consistent features with a small shaded bench at the end. Not much payoff but great for an easy straight trail run up and down. Boring if you like canyons, trees, waterfall hikes.

cool dams in the beginning. immediate incline to the top. cool views too.

It was a little difficult but short great work out. There are alot of other small trails with nice views near by

3 months ago

it's moderate decent hike, make sure you have your long sleeve on since you gonna have marks otherwise, so much outgrown vegetation. but a great experience, very nice senary

A very pretty route, but very overgrown for half the route=scratches on arms and face. Be prepared for 90% uphill grind on your way back to the highway.

Nice and clean but the heart trail, view is so beautiful I breed a lot of water because later in the afternoon it get very hot.

5 months ago

Great trail! Slightly narrow at times, definitely not for the timid. Wonderful views!

We took the Dunsmore Canyon trail, and it was steep and rocky. Not a lot of shade. I would like to try some of the others-- it seems like we accidentally chose the one that was relentlessly uphill.

One of my favorite hiking spots.

6 months ago

Some of the best views you can find! You can see Pasadena, LA, Glendale and even into Sunland and beyond! Fairly strenuous hike and NOT for beginners. I didn't finish this time due to the impinging heat and insufficient water (I brought 2 bottles), so plan to do it in the winter. Can't wait to see the view from the top! Steady incline, many switchbacks and technical areas. Shady in the early morning, full sun by mid-morning. Less experienced and/or less fit hikers may want to try to the Mesnager Loop, Rim of the Valley or Dunsmore Canyon hike in the same park. This is what hiking is about!!

7 months ago

My favorite. very accessible and not alot of people.

8 months ago

very nice hike, moderate and great views and it is green :) not challenging the only thing should know is it has narrow road and hiking stick might be a help

on Grizzly Flat Trail

9 months ago

Nice easy to moderate trail, pretty views and wildflowers. Didn't complete the last 1.5-2 miles due to so much poison oak along the trail - wear pants!

Based upon what others have written in terms of the Yerba Buena Ridge.

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