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Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, established in 1927, has approximately 50% old growth coast redwood and eight miles of wild coastline. The park is located two miles off Highway 101 about 7 miles south of Crescent City. The mixed understory includes tanoak, madrone, red alder, big leaf maple, and California bay. Ground cover is dense with a wide range of species. Vegetation is predominately red alder which will eventually give way to fir and second growth redwood. The topography is fairly steep with elevations from sea level to 1277'. The predominant mountain range is oriented in a north-south direction with steep cliffs adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, making the bulk of the rocky sea coast generally inaccessible except by Damnation Trail and Footsteps Rock Trail. Wilson Beach or False Klamath Cove, 1/2-mile of sandy beach, is meant for strolling and provides excellent tide pool viewing at low tide. It is not safe for swimming due to the steep beach slope, rocky conditions, frequent rough seas and cold water. This park, along with Prairie Creek, Jedediah Smith, and the National Park Service's Redwood National Park, are managed cooperatively by the National Park Service and the California Department of Parks and Recreation. These parks make up 45 percent of all the old-growth redwood forest remaining in California.

Great beach to walk... The beach is flat and firm and being a crescent shape it is far more protected than other beaches on the North Coast. The best in Norcal!

on Damnation Creek Trail

26 days ago

Awesome trail. Time yourself and know your limits, coming out can be tough. Amazing seeing old growth to the beach. Can’t beat.

4 months ago

Awesome hike! I loved hiking through the beautiful redwoods and coming out at the beach. The hike back up is a bit tiring but soo worth the it!

Great beach hike. The sand is nice and smooth and makes for a wonderful hike. You can go all the way down to the rocks and back.

To make this a really fun hike continue to end of beach around low tide and rock scramble the cliffs!

5 months ago

May discover a fantastic view with the combination of the sun & fog. Therefore you'd like to do it before 1pm. A bit pity that they closed the bridge to the beach this summer (2017 August). Yet, so much fun hike up and down so better for you to prepare a pair of good hiking shoes. (Some places a bit slippy, pay attention)

5 months ago

Damnation Creek Trail is a great hike through the coastal redwoods, winding through literally thousands of old growth trees. The trail is lined with huge ferns and lush redwood sorrel. If you don't want the big elevation change, just stroll up the first half mile or so of this trail. The footbed is ideal: wide, softly cushioned, and few roots or rocks. It's one place that you can gaze up at the giant trees without tripping -- don't try that on the Boy Scout Tree Trail, where the nearly continuous nest of hazardous roots demands constant vigilance.

The trail sign says steep and strenuous, but in fact the route is well graded on 23 switchbacks (some very short). The only steep part (temporarily) is climbing around the derelict bridge at the beach end... a bit slippery if there is mud. The return hike climbs steadily but seems mild despite the 1100-foot ascent. Perhaps the fantastic forest scenery distracts! Take it slow and easy, and the beautiful hike ends too quickly.

Once the trail crosses to the west side of the ridge, the bad highway noise (trucks ascending the mountain) soon fades. Frankly we did not notice the intrusion until the return trip. The moisture from the Pacific must keep the sea slope wetter, since it didn't appear dried out in August like other areas did.

About halfway to the bottom, the trail slabs a steep gorge; you are looking out at the mid-story of redwoods still towering above, but the trucks originate far below in the gorge. It's a great way to appreciate how tall these "plants" really are! Then the redwoods give way to mature western hemlock and other trees. The beach itself is long and lovely at low tide, with natural arches in the cliff and sea stacks. You could walk at least a half mile south along the cove's beach, but pay attention to an incoming tide or you might get trapped! Near high tide, the beach would be inaccessible and dangerous.

We had the beach all to ourselves for an hour in the late morning, at the time of day that other trails already are jammed. Definitely arrive early if you want the experience of complete solitude among the splendor of the redwoods. They are beautiful even if there is fog, and the trail is easy to follow.

The "real" trailhead is right at mile marker 16.0. The parking spreads out along the road, so there are many trampled exits like a river delta. Go have fun, whether or not you venture beyond the upper, nearly-level portion of the trail!

Great interpretive trail for kids with signs to explain a few things. It was the only trail of 4 in the park today that I saw anyone. A family of 4 with 2 small children enjoying listening to their father while he read one the info from one of the signs... A sign on this trail was where I learned the term "goosepen". It's located right by the entrance station and need of a few repairs but the park was closed for a few years. It'll take a while for them to get caught up.

6 months ago

Did several trails today near and around the Mill Creek campground. This was intended to be done with the Hobbs Trail but it was closed due to a bridge being out. I actually did it in the winter and it wasn't a problem but the park was closed and no ranger to tell me not to do it. Mill Creek was closed for a few years due to budget cuts and just reopened this spring. This was the best trail I did today and will be back to do it the way I intended and lay down a track.

6 months ago

Short trail through young redwoods above Mill Creek campground I found by accident while doing another trail today. Enjoyable little hill to begin and end on... Very nice quiet campground.

6 months ago

Nice little short trail around part of Mill Creek campground. Some small second growth redwoods on a trail that is borderline easy for most but still enjoyable. The campground was full but amazing quiet... it looks like a great place to camp.

Hike was very scenic. There is a little bit of everything to see on this hike from huge redwoods to a beautiful beach. It was challenging, but rewarding. Ocean view made this hike worth the difficult climb back. Bridge is closed, but we were able to navigate the terrain down the right side of the bridge and cross the very small creek to the other side. After the creek, it was about .1 miles to the beach.

Beautiful trail! Amazing redwoods, great ocean views. Trail is not in great shape however, somewhat overgrown. Also there is a sign that says a bridge is out and there is no beach access, however we were able to make it to the beach just fine, no bridge issues or anything. Good trail.

Closed indefinitely due to slide. Might be better named Enderts Beach trail. The highway goes along Crescent Beach. The hike down the hill is Endert's Beach.

7 months ago

went over 4th of july weekend on this lovely trail. when you get to the beach, look for a trail that veers off to the right for the stairway access so you don't have to scramble over the rocks. the cool weather definitely worked in my favor on the way back up, lol!

Going down is easy peasy and the views and beach are amazing! Coming back up is a little harder but totally worth the trip.

Wow. Wow. Wow. The beach sneaks up on you at the end, and it is absolutely glorious. This was the hardest "moderate" hike I've done, but it was worth it.

A really great short(er) hike. If you do any sort of elevation change hiking you will be totally fine on the way back. Otherwise take lots of breaks. Even though there is a sign that says bridge failure you are able to take the trail all the way out to the beach.

We have done about 15 hikes in the last week and a half across the country and this is by far in the top 2. Great trail, well maintained, easy to follow. I will say it is moderate trail going down....and hard coming back up. I'd be in shape to do this one!!! Well worth it though you get redwoods, green feens, and rock beach with succulent covered cliffs all in one trail!!

8 months ago

this is such an amazing breathtaking hike. Great views, coming back up I thought, was easier than going down. So worth the trek and 1000ft drop

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