If you start at sunrise it offers shade
We saw a rattlesnake and some cottontail bunnies
Nice for the whole family
May want to mountain bike next time

Went down paintbrush trail aka it’s close bc of lose gravel so if you don’t have the right shoes don’t go that way. I’m use to lose gravel so for me it was fine to get to the peak by the ocean is close so I desired to go down and look at some sea life let’s just say you won’t be disappointed. And I was lucky that on my way back I found 20 bucks on the side of the road lol and then went back up on the other trail you don’t want to go up on paintbrush the gravel is to lose and lots of weathering on the rocks so it’s very unstable. Have fun be safe and take water the hike back up will get to you I hardly drank any water on the way down but on the way up I finished my 3L

It was a nice easy hike. It was flat most of the way and I loved the view! It was a bit crowded on a Sunday. A lot of people were hiking with their dogs. But, thankfully most of the trail was clean.

Pretty scenery. Trail markings could be better. Overall a good hike.

Great hike. Started out at 3ish pm and got back at 5 and was able to watch the sunset and all the magnificent colors it made. Easy hike down , we choose to come back the same way. There are lots of different hike and routes you can take. ext time I will hike back all the way down to the beach. I’d definitely do this as a solo hiker.

This place is perfect!

It's a nice trail. Not very challenging.

I loved this hike!!!! The peninsula was beautiful, I sat with my feet off the edge. The only thing that sucked was that you have to walk on the road and everything, it's a highly populated area. But the view was so worth it!!!

Very pretty with some great ocean views. Some steep hills - but what better thing for a tightened butt? Not a ton of parking; there were a few spots but it was a Monday morning. Weekends might be hard.

Fun, wide open, gorgeous ocean vistas. Love it!

Great for a early walk/hike!!!

Great trails for some running. However, we encounter a lot of trails being closed. Hopefully, they make them available soon.

Went again today. There were people working on Burma road and they blocked off some of the trails. We walked straight through paintbrush trail where the trail was heavily eroded and the ground was unstable. It was doable but I had to hold on and take small steps to avoid slipping and tumbling.

Nice trail space, wasn't overly crowded but populated. This specific set of paths has 2 parts closed off so be prepared to change it up.

A lot of the trails to complete the loop were closed

6 months ago

great views. trails in good shape. hot day today.

The walk down is a breeze, its coming back up thats a pain in the butt

This trail would have been great but 1.7 miles in, the trail is closed. I tried to improvise by taking a different trail but there isn't another that will take you down closer to the water. If I were to do it again I would start the loop and go counter clock wise. There are more trail options that way. Take plenty of water. Even though it's near the water, there isn't much of a breeze.

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