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Hottest, Driest, Lowest: A superlative desert of streaming sand dunes, snow-capped mountains, multicolored rock layers, water-fluted canyons and 3 million acres of wilderness. Full of nature and history, there are endless activities in the park. About the size of the state of Connecticut, one can spend weeks exploring Death Valley and only scratch the surface of what there is to see and do.

10 hours ago

First time on this incredible trail. Started early from Mahogany Flat Campground. The trail started out with a 2.2 mi incline that gets you up to the ridge. The winds along the ridge were extremely heavy in the morning, but gradually became better in the afternoon.

The last few miles were steep switchbacks up to the peak. Note that at the end of the switchbacks you hit a false summit. Just go a few more feet and you'll be on the top. Incredible views of Badwater Basin, Mt. Charleston, and the Sierras (including Mt. Whitney!).

All in all this was a rewarding trail and well worth the view from the top. If you do plan on making this a day hike I would recommend staying at Mahogany Flat and getting an early start. Be sure to bring plenty of water as the summer starts heating things up.

Paved road with lots of side roads and trails. Very interesting

Good easy hike

Easy and interesting

Quick and easy. Good photo op

Did this at sunset, the colors really jump out in the twilight

Good trail, nice views, lots of people

Short flat trail, but wear a hat, take water. The heat will get to you quick out here

Good trail for early morning, easy

Very strenuous because you are going up and down hills of sand. There is no distinct trail, just go as much as you want. We went early in the morning to avoid overheating. Make sure to pack plenty of water. It is also safe to take your shoes off while walking.

10 days ago

We did not do the whole artist's palette trail but the different colors of the rocks are definitely noticeable. There are different platforms and rocks that you can climb, overlooking the entire area.

It gets unbearably hot, so try to do this earlier in the day. There is not much of a scenic difference, since the area is a large open space, but it is definitely worth visiting. Do not need to spend more than 30 minutes here.

Have ventured out this trail a couple of times, it is like the Sahara, especially when it was 129 degrees in the valley in late June, 2013. Left before 7:30 in the morning and it was still 100 outside. Make sure you take water as it looks shorter than it is, and walking in sand is harder. Also if you do it during the very early morning or early evening you might see some wildlife, as in snakes & rodents… A great adventure!

23 days ago

Great hike! Extreme temperature change when completing this trail. Was raining and foggy so limiting distance views but was a lot of fun! Challenging!

This is a great place to experience sand dunes. Parking lot is right on the road and very close to Stovepipe Wells (food/water, etc). Park and start walking right into the dunes. They cover a vast expanse and even with large crowds, you can find solitude and untracked sand all over. The highest dune is not too far a hike, but it'll take some time since walking in sand can be slow, especially when climbing steep inclines.