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Hottest, Driest, Lowest: A superlative desert of streaming sand dunes, snow-capped mountains, multicolored rock layers, water-fluted canyons and 3 million acres of wilderness. Full of nature and history, there are endless activities in the park. About the size of the state of Connecticut, one can spend weeks exploring Death Valley and only scratch the surface of what there is to see and do.

I recommend this as a first stop before going to the valley floor. We stopped here in the evening and camped nearby. We then made several stops the next day starting with Badwater Basin. Great views from this easy trail! You can see people walking the salt flat of Badwater Basin over 5000 ft. below looking like ants. Across the valley looms telescope peak at 11,043. My kids ages 2, 7, 9, and 11 loved climbing around on the trail with the exception of our youngest who I kept in my backpack carrier most of the time.

trail running
3 days ago

Not many people here despite busy tourist season. Beautiful colors in the rock walls and views at the top. Scrambling up two 6-8 foot dry falls required, plus steep, loose/sandy gravel right before the summit.

Breathtaking loop, a must-do if you have some time. Golden Canyon was very well marked. When you get onto the Badlands trail it's fairly well marked with arrow-ed signs for the observant hiker/trail runner. Lots of side canyons to wander into in the Badlands, just make sure to stay aware of your surroundings. I'd suggest a GPX map especially for the Gower Gulch segment if you're doing the loop clockwise.

trail running
3 days ago

Did this as part of the Golden Canyon-Badlands-Gower Gulch loop. Had no problem finding the wash but once I was further in, it was hard to find any trail markers at all. A GPX map would be useful. I made sure not to take any side routes and stayed on the main trail. It narrows down quite a bit with high, interesting rock formations that close in overhead before a short, steep descent that opens up to the mouth of the gulch and 190 in the distance. Make sure to have supportive shoes/hiking boots if you have weak ankles--there are lots of large rocks that have been smoothed by water and deposited in the gulch over time.

5 days ago

Crazy awesome hike,
The trail head is a sign on the side of the road with enough room for 3 cars to pull off onto the shoulder. The start of the trail is not very well marked so you the AllTrails app to help you find your way. Our group of 4 did this hike in December and no one was to be seen at all on the trail. You can see the summit from where you park on the road which is really cool. There isn't anything technical about this trail, just be careful of the steep incline and loose rock near the top.

Great trail,
It is very well marked and has some awesome views. Make sure you do the extra mile or so to check out red cathedral.

Dogs are NOT allowed on any of the trails in the National Park. Service Animals are okay with identification. Dogs are allowed at camp sites as long as they are on leashes. Rangers do drive by very frequent. We didn’t want to risk it so we just didn’t bring them. Please keep this in mind. We saw that dogs were allowed from this app and felt awful when we read on trail head info and brochures from National Park that dogs weren’t allowed.

Let me clear the confusion.... this is not in any way shape or form 6.8 miles out and back. Not sure where this is getting the distance.... the hike DOES NOT start from highway 190. It is not marked at all off he highway so plan ahead of time. It is called old toll road near paniment Springs. You then take the dirt road for about 2 and a quarter miles to the trailhead and it is only 1 mile to the waterfall... making it 2 miles total. Just start heading up the wash. It starts to get greener and greener the further you go. You have to cross the water a few times so wear waterproof shoes... although the water crossings itself were small.. your feet could still get wet. Learned that the hard way. Waterfall itself is very beautiful! All in all.... it is a very nice experience especially considering it’s located within one of the hottest places in the world

well marked, cool views, fun time.

10 days ago

cool trail, not very difficult

Started at golden canyon trailhead. Beautiful scenery especially once you get out of the canyon. Not too many people once you get away from the trailhead. Excellent hike. Well marked trail.

Made it up to the highest peak well worth it making it more strenuous. Would love to come again

What a beautiful view even at 11pm at night can't wait to see it in the day

Was not able to reach Thorndike Campground or Mahogany Flats Campground since our vehicle is not 4WD. Started at the Charcoal Kilns, 6900 ft, added extra 3 miles round trip to the hike, and 1300 feet of elevation as well. Bring the total distance to 17 miles round trip and 4590 feet of elevation gain. The hardest parts of the hike were going up the mountain from Charcoal Kilns to trail head and then doing the zig zags right before the summit. Aside from those two, the hike was short and quite enjoyable.

We stayed at Wildrose Campground, 4100 ft, the night prior. Our group did not experience any altitude sickness. Was able to summit before 2 pm. Shortly after 2 pm, the clouds came in and temperature dropped to low 40's F without the sun and with lots of wind. The sunlight completely went out by 530 pm.

Would recommend bringing at least 3 liters of water, snacks, sunscreen, shoes with heel protections due to 3290 feet of decline on the way back down, pants and wind breaker. Was experiencing heavy wind from the Telescope peak to Rogers peak. Felt my face and extremities going numb from cold temperature, probably high 30's F or low 40's F.

Easy. Nice and scenic. Hot even in the winter. The trail is not well marked from the street. *you have to take the unpaved road for about 2 miles.

Scenic and interesting. Also a little weird. Not worth driving across the state for but definitely a well kept park land. Day pass is around $20. Definitely recommend stopping by here but don’t plan and spend more than an hour.

Never made it to trailhead. You need a high clearance vehicle. We drove a Subaru with all wheel drive, but we kept scraping bottom on sand and rocks. Not worth it unless you have a high clearance 4x4. Also expect the dirt road drive to take longer than planned. It is slow going. Good luck to others trying to get there!

Nice scrambling at the end to reach Red Cathedral. Otherwise its easy walk up.

22 days ago

Didn't have access to a 4wd, so started at the charcoal kilns (6900 ft). It was about 1.5 miles continuous uphill climb to the trail head with almost no views. Would avoid hiking this part at all cost next time. The trail itself was amazing and fun. View at top was mangnificent. The last mile and half of switchbacks before the summit was tiring, but really not too punishing.
We lived in Beatty the previous night, and drove there in about 2 hours early morning. From past experiences, I knew the attitude would effect me. I tend to experience headache, drowsiness and other cold like symptoms once over 6500ft. I dressed in layers, carried ample water, food and alotted plenty of time. I took breaks often, and spent about an hour on the summit. The whole 17 miles took me about 9 hours to complete.
My trip was in early November, temperature was around 20 to 40. There was no snow. I recommend sun protection, there was very little shade. Watch your step coming back down, the trail can be sandy, dry and slippery. Would love to come back and do this again.

Super cute little waterfall and easy

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