Photos of Death Valley National Park Camping Trails

Definitely top 5 backpacking trips. We did it in two full days and are in relatively decent shape. You can drive the 8 miles in with 2wd high clearance. We made it in our CX5 no problem to the beginning of the loop. Springs were flowing in cottonwood canyon and a small spring in marble canyon. We camped below the saddle on cottonwood side and yes, there were wild horses that visited our packs in the night. It was magical. Definitely needed gps or a very detailed topo map. Even with gps we got off trail. If you are heading clockwise it is the lowest saddle to get over to dead horse canyon. If you are going counter clockwise, it is a hard left up the canyon at the first big tree. After the first big climb follow the main drainage up over the saddle. Its tricky and not intuitive. Have fun. Highly recommend this as an avid backpacker!